Monday, June 11, 2012

a couple of ponies and a limb down

Yeehaw! I rounded up a couple of ponies from the thrift store! 

(picture me saying that in my best cowboy accent..)

Their ears were a little chipped, so I just added some Paint n' Patch to them to shape them back to normal.

Then I prepared to paint the two ugly bucklings on my ever official paint surface. 

I used Liquid Leaf. I had never used it before, but let me tell you, it is awesome. It is super liquid-y, almost the consistency of water, therefore it filled in the crevices really easily. The only downside is it is quite potent/fume-y. Next time I will use it outside. 

Also, I found it at Wal-Mart, so no need to run to 57 different craft stores to find it. 

Like I said, it went on super easy, and it was really fast to paint these buckaroos. It dried fast too, and it only needed one coat! Woo! 

Awww little brass beauties! 

Of course I took some shots of them in action.

They won't be staying here..

If I don't find a place soon, I may sell them. I'm thinking of putting some of the knick knacks I transform on Etsy. Would anyone be interested in these ponies?

Yay or neighhhh? 


In some outdoor happenings, this is what I came home to today:

Downed lines! EEK! 

It wasn't blocking my drive, but it was fully crossing the ol' neighbors'. Luckily, no one was hurt, and no cars were hit.

Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire! 

Kidding! It pulled down Peyton's phone and cable wires, but since he has satellite, it didn't knock out the TV, and since he doesn't have a land line, it only cut off the WiFi. 

View from Peyton and Carly's driveway.


We did some he-man branch cutting. Peyton had his rudimentary tools..

and brought the awesome saw I hadn't had a chance to use yet. SCORE!  

Of course after I cut the first branch, I lifted it over my head and said..


which is kind of ironic, since I could've made fire out of all this..

Now there's a ginormous pile between our houses. You can see that little tree to the right of the big pine... the large branch took HALF of it off when it fell. Scho schad. 

Now. You know what I'm thinking..

Are there any projects to do using branches?



  1. Okay, why am I the first one here to tell you how much I love those horse head makeovers?!?!

    And I say Yay ... not neigh ...

    And you're lucky with that tree branch. We had a branch fall out front of our house -- a tree-sized tree branch -- and it took out my husband's car. As in totaled that 2 month old beauty ...


  2. Now I see as I posted my comment why you may be turning away potential comments. You have the word verification annoying thingy set. It's a Blogger default setting but you can change it ... seriously, I haven't had many spam issues at all with my comments thread.

    Let me know if you want me to send a link with a tutorial on how to remove it. I think Debbie Doo's Blogging and Bragging blog has one because she hosts a newbie link party every Monday and I think on that newbie party post she has that link ...



  3. Hey Linda!

    I'm glad you like the pony bookends! Sorry to hear about your car! Thank goodness no one was hurt. You won't believe this, but right before I read your comments, I was digging through the settings and thought: what does this word verification setting mean? Haha! I just went back and removed it. Thanks for the tip!!