Wednesday, June 6, 2012

stream of consciousness!

So instead of writing random blog entries and calling them "ramble on" or "thoughts" or whatever, I had an epiphany of what to categorize these posts as..


Gah, the fish goes with so many things! 

Let's talk about the branding issue I've been having.. I came up with a few names, so please please please (please.) let me know what you think! 

Good Herring Design
Red Herring Design Co. 

And that's all I got. Good Herring sort of sounds like good hearing.. I've gotten mixed reviews on it. I like it, but I feel like it's one of those where you have to explain it, sooo that makes me not like it.

Red Herring was one of my first thoughts back in the beginning, but most of the domain names were taken, so I gave up on it, but then I found out some variations were available. Also it's my initials, RH. I brought it up to my sister, and she freaked out and said it was her "thing" to use. Why? Because her name is Scarlett.. like the color red...


Sooo are there any other ideas out there? I have looked up stuff that rhymes with herring, that goes with hearing, that rhymes with red, design adjectives, h adjectives for alliteration, creative verbs, etc etc etc. I am pretty sure I want to use the word Herring instead of "fish". That way, when anyone needs some design help, they can get some Herring aid.. HA! And I would still be able to logically have the blog paired with it. 

 So I'm asking again.. let me know your ideas! 


Another thing going on in my life.. I'm in a wedding later in the summer, and my bridesmaid dress came in and it's too small. Wahh wahhhh. Remember when I told the blogosphere that I had started the Insanity workouts again? Well that lasted all of two weeks. So I'm going to try to go the old fashion route for this by eating right and exercising. 

I hate counting calories just to count calories (we all know I love a good beer with some wingies), but I'm viewing this as sort of like a physical challenge.. I guess because I'm not one to be like "I need to lose __lbs.". Now I actually have a goal, and if I don't do it, I'm going to look like an idiot with a rigged up dress.. 

Just thought I'd announce it. Do not worry, this will not turn into a weight loss bloggie! haha


The side porch has not made any progress from the last time I wrote about it. For some reason, I got a fire lit under me about getting the yard in shape. Hopefully it spills over into getting the side porch finished.

Here's a reminder of all the dumb little rocks I have to get out of there..


Random: We started using this program/app at work called Trello ( I thought it was the coolest thing, so I made an account to use at home. It's for production management stuff, BUT it is awesome for list making, and it is extremely user friendly. Maybe I like it because I have tons of different lists going on (design work, home projects, life, etc), but I figured I'd pass it along to everyone in case there is a crazy list maker like myself out there! I seriously have lists everywhere.. in design notebooks, on post its at work, on the notepad on my phone, a google spreadsheet.. you get the idea. One thing that's cool about Trello is that there is an app that goes with the website, and it updates instantly! So I can add something to my grocery list while I'm blogging at night, and then I'll have it on my phone when I get to the store the next day! 


You can also make lists within list! So on my home list, I can write grocery shopping, but within that, I can make a check list! (I swear my whole list isn't about groceries..) If you're interested in it, I suggest you watch the ol' video on the homepage of their site. Quite informative! 

PSSSSST: I linked my Instagram to the bloggie facebook page, so go like it for some sneak peeks of projects! I'll only add design related stuff to the page, but if you'd like to see some "life" photos, you can find me on Instagram by looking up ilikewhatimherring! 

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  1. I think you should keep your name as is. I like it :)