Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hot damn chili!

Tomorrow is the Chili Cook Off at work, and guess who is the chef for their team? THAT'S RIGHT. 

It is delish, if I do say so myself.

There is a ton of stuff in there including, but not limited to: 

hamburger meat, kidney beans, chili beans, tomato paste, stewed tomatoes, minced garlic, garlic salt, beer, pepper, chili powder, worchesthire lea & perrins, & paprika

Yeaahhhhh... I don't like onions. This is one meaty concoction! And beanie..


I let it cook down a bit, and it is splendid.

My culinary roomie even said it was good! Woo! I hope the judges agree.

Diesel says GIMME SOME, MA!

At work, I am on the Help Desk, so right now we are the Help Desk Chili Team. I used the HD and changed it to Hot Damn Chili. Much better eh? 

I make a swanky logo to persuade the judges..

Do chili judges look at logos? 


PS: Don't forget about the
100th post giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Pretend that's being said into a megaphone)

It's just two little posts away! 

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