Monday, March 5, 2012

nola bach party!

Hello all! I'm hoping my bloggies are going to return to their regularly scheduled posting now that a few things have died down. I told you I went to New Orleans last weekend, and here are some pictures! 

First off, we stayed in an awesome amazing old house. Isn't she pretty?

Mardi Gras was the weekend before, and there were still decorations and beads all around. We added the boas for the bach weekend! 

The entire street consisted of these lovely houses. If you have a big group, I highly recommend renting one.

Baby Bites were brought from Pastry Art in Birmingham. They are HEAVENLY. These were drizzled in pink for the lovely bachelorette.

Did I mention in my last post that we had an 80s theme night? It was hilarious! Jackie, the beautimous bride-to-be, got her amazing 80s bride dress off Etsy! Can you believe it?!? My hot pink number is actually my aunt's bridesmaids dress for one of my other aunt's weddings! Hilarious! It was actually tea length (which equals right above the ankles for me since I'm quite the shorty), so I made it into a bubble dress by taping it (classy, I know). 


Hilarious dresses all around! Here is Jackie with Erin and Ashlee. 

They were quite the party planners and brought tons of fun things, including mustache straws!!! 

So much fun! 

I figured out how to do the self timer, so we rounded everyone up for a group shot.

It wouldn't be the 80s without these awesome shades, now would it? 

Jackie made us goodie bags for the weekend full of necessities, like gatorade and advil. HA! Thanks for posing, Mal! 

The other Delta ladies, Kate, Mal, and Smalls! Smalls is actually a Rachel too. We roomed together in the dorms, so naturally we both needed a nickname to decipher betwinxed the two of us. Mine is Rach H (in case you were wondering. and I know you were). 

Have I ever told you I love laughing pictures?


(psst: we didn't get one of all of us. This will be fixed at the wedding. Also, we didn't take a triangle finger picture.. HA!) 

We had so much fun! We had a lingerie shower for Jackie before we headed out for the evening.

What did I tell you about laughing pictures..

Sadly, this is where the pictures end. My camera is underage, so she couldn't come to Bourbon Street with us. I wish I would've taken more of the house, it was so pretty! All the ceilings were painted light blue, and they were at least 12 feet tall (upstairs and downstairs). Saturday night was more relaxed, and we went to a late dinner. I didn't get any  pictures the second night (shame on me!), but I'll make up for it at the wedding in a few weeks! 


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