Monday, March 19, 2012

wood you like to see my souvs?

First things first:


I went to Dothan this weekend for a friend's wedding. We made it in town just in time to complete the restaurant trifecta!!!! I wrote a bloggie about these hot spots, but in case you forgot, it's Conestoga, Mexican Connection, and Mama Rosa's! Naturally I brought back a big bucket of salsa from MexCon..  I also accumulated a bunch of souvs (aka souvenirs). 

First of all...

This badass Coke sign (pardon my french).

I actually didn't get to bring it back with me this trip.. sigh..

It's 103 inches long, and it wouldn't fit in my car with passengers, so I'll have to grab it next time I'm Lone Ranger-ing it.. 

Unless there are any sweet peas out there who are driving a big truck up to Bham from Dothan anytime soon.. (insert puppy dog face with eyelashes batting). 

Isn't the sign great?!?! You should all know by now I love a good old sign. Even one with a little buck shot.

It's a sign of good taste. HA! 

I dig the different shades of greens and rust. 

I have the perfect space for it.

It's a good thing I didn't shove it into my car, because that space was needed for some other goodies..

I stopped by my aunt and uncle's house on my way out of town. My cousin is building this dock to use as a prop for prom. He goes to my old high school, Houston Academy. At HA, the juniors come up with the theme for the prom and build it out. This thing is quite impressive, eh?! 

There were lots of pieces leftover, and guess who got dibs!?!? 

This girl! I shoved them into the back of my car. The dogs were thrilled.

EEEE! I can't wait to build something out of this! 

Remember Teeny, my mom's pup pup? Look how big he's gotten! That's him in the back, and Buck in the front.

He's still just as cute! 

This weekend was the Azalea Dogwood Trail in Dothan. I didn't drive through it, but I did get some shots of this azalea bush at my aunt's house. By some I mean almost 100 because I was trying to get a dang picture of a bee flying. There were tons of them, and they wouldn't cooperate with my picture taking. Idiots. 

Do you see the bee below? 

I swear, I think this is the only picture I got with a bee mid-flight. 

Do you have "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" in your head now? I KNOW I DO.

If you've liked "I like what i'm herring" on facebook, then you saw the piece of furniture I got last week from someone on craigslist! It's outside drying right now, so tomorrow I will reveal the fancy paint job, along with the...

100th post giveaway!!!!!!!!!


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