Tuesday, June 9, 2015

homecoming and a wedding

After Alaska, I continued with the traveling by heading back to the lake. My cousin was getting married in Opelika, and my daddio needed a date (or perhaps it was the other way around), so we went together. 

We took the old '56 to the festivities. 


A couple of Auburn football players were there, so of course I had to get a pic! 

Dad with cousin Trey.

and moi with the groom, Jace! 

I had tons of fun! We didn't stay terribly long. After I took advantage of the open bar, dad revealed he can't drive very well in the dark..

We watched football when we got back. Dad watched with binoculars due to his bad vision haha! 

There's this spot on the road to our lake house where a tornado passed through back in 2011. Now you can see the lake from the street, and almost always a spectacular view of the sky. 

The next weekend was the Auburn Homecoming game! Of course I came back for it. The sororities and fraternities get together to make floats for the homecoming parade. This one was spectacular! 

And it was done by DDD! 

A very leisurely game.

Ma had gotten me this new game day dress. I loved it, except I noticed once I climbed the ramp on this blustery day that the wind could take total control of it. EEK! 

Pretty skies! 

I walked through Toomer's Corner on the way to meet some friends at Bodega. 

I just love Auburn! 

Binky got back from Alaska the afternoon of the game, but was too pooped to make it to Auburn. We got to hang out a bit on Sunday before she headed back to Dothan with Ma.

And speaking of mom, to go with the Dad DC I had on the way to Alaska, ma insisted we get a pic together with this can made for her at the lake :) 

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