Sunday, November 20, 2016

february 2016

If you've been around a while, you'll remember Binky's birthday is February 2nd. She decided we should go on a birthday hike at Ruffner Mountain. 

We brought Possum and Bo with us to get some exercise. Little did we know how much we were going to get.. There was a path leading to the "ruins" if i recall correctly, which unbeknownst to us led us to the Crusher Trail. It went almost straight up the mountain (or so it felt). 

We used Binky's phone to find our way back to the entrance, but in reality, the path we took led us to the back of the reserve. Oops. I wore my fitbit and before the afternoon we had already taken 10,575 steps! 

We looked like a couple of tomatoes by the end. 

We didn't stop there! After we went to Jersey Mike's for lunch, where Binky got a free sub bc it was her bday, we got ready for the evening's festivities which included the trampoline park! 

It was so fun!

Carl in the back of this one lol!

Randy and Binky

Our jumping group: me, carl, Mollie, bink, Randy

Of course we had to go get some mexican food at El Caz when it was all over. 

Birthday song for the birfday girl!

That week we got ready to have a Super Bowl party to watch the game and continue Binky's birthday celebrations.

By we I mean me. But the dogs supervised. 

The Carolina Panthers were playing in the big game, and of course they're my team ever since my boy Cam Newton went there from Auburn. My mom sent me and Binky these fancy leggings to wear for the occasion lol!

I was super pumped!

I got Binky to join me for a pic outside.

Some of the crew, mad at the outcome. 

In case you need reminding how badass Cam is:

Cousin Ashley came to celebrate with the birthday girl!

My phone was sitting on the arm of the couch and got knocked off. I had dropped it a million times, and of course this tiny little fall shattered the screen. I was not happy.

February began the Great Packing of the house. Barely started, and I already was frustrated:

Puppers didn't know what was coming.

I tried to sell my desk online, to no avail. I ended up letting Carl have it.

Valentine's Day came about on the 14th. Since Honky and I didn't get to see each other, he got Binky to get me a Cadbury egg and balloon from him. How schweet!

I made a massive list of things to be done by March when the house would be listed.

There were so. many. things.

Honky came in town to help! Colby also visited, and when we're all together, we have the pizza slice power haha!

We made a welcome note on the fridge. 

And soon enough we were Lion King-ing the fireball.

Honky helped me clear out my wood pile, and it was SO NICE to have that done! He was such a big help.

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the carport! 

The next week there were a MILLION BIRDS in my neighborhood. I took a ton of snap chat videos of it, along with these pics:

They kept flying around and landing in big groups. So crazy. 

I walked down the street to get some shots. Crazy bird lady, right here. Bo agrees.

Wanna see some of the projects I worked on during February?

A Maryland and Texas two state string art.

A regular Baltimore, MD string art.

South Carolina string art

A bridal brunch and bachelorette invitations!

The cutest gold pineapple string art!

A Steffen name string art for one of my friends from high school!

A big 18x18" Georgia string art.

This Muscle Shoals string art based off a sign of the same design that use to be in the city.

I also made this bench that I used as a TV stand for house showings! 

I ordered the hair pin legs off Etsy and attached them to a piece of wood I already had. I love the way it turned out! 

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