Friday, November 4, 2011

Auburn Updates!

Hello everyone! 

I've got to get better at keeping up with my Auburn football travels. A couple weekends ago, my sister and I drove to Baton Rouge for the game. The drive was a long one, but not too bad.

The lovely sunset going through Mississippi. Pardon the bug guts.

We got in town, checked into our hotel, and walked across the street to TJ's Ribs to get some grub. It was quite delicious! After dinner, we got a cab to take us to Walk On's. Well the cab driver decided to take us to Tigerland instead...

This is what it looked like when we got there. Binky said: No wonder they smell like corndogs, they live in a carnival land!

We ended up walking to Bogie's and ran into some of our Dothan friends! Small world, eh?!

The next day we got up and got ready for game day. We found a parking spot semi-close and walked through the tailgates. We only got yelled at once! At one point, we tried to meet up with one of my friends and he told us he was next to the building with orange-y tiles on top..

No wonder we couldn't find him. They were everywhere!

We eventually made it up to the stadium. They have luxurious escalators to take you to the top! How fancy! Once we got up there I was amazed at how empty the stadium was about 15 minutes before kick off.

Even the student section had space..

I got a zoomed in shot of Mike the Tiger. Poor thing. They must sedate him for him to be able to lay there so calmly.

As the game took a turn for the worse, I set my sites on the surroundings. Do you see what's in that field in the back??

I don't ever want to hear Auburn referred to as the Cow College when you can actually see them from the LSU stadium.

Looking the other direction, you can see the Mississippi River. How lovely!

That's it in the top right. There are also more cows in the distance.

After the game, we were walking back to the car and passed the area where the players were walking out. Of course we stopped to say War Eagle to them.

Why, hello Michael Dyer!

Can I have your autograph like these 10 year old boys standing here?

SUCCESS! I wish it had been on a winning ticket..

He was so nice!

And look, Trooper Taylor came through the line! He shook my hand!

Gimme that Chickfila.

We ran into our Dothan friends again and had too much fun that night. It was a long drive home the next day..

But Binky won $40 on a scratch off, so the trip was worth it.

The next weekend.......

The Ole Miss Game!

I came to stay with my sissy, and of course got to hang out with my niece-y pup, Possum.

She's such a lady. She wouldn't look at me while I took her picture.

Diesel was mad I kept leaving him with her. Possum is very dominate and likes to hump his face. No joke. I'll have to get a video of that to post on here. It's ridiculous.

Cotton holds her own. She's the queen and does what she wants.

Onto Game Day!


War Damn Americuh.

We stood right next to the ramp to watch the eagle fly! That's her in the blue pet carrier.

EEEEE! I need a better camera desperately. (Christmas perhaps? Mom? hint hint.)

That's her to the left!

Up in the seats! AU!



A lovely sunset as the band plays.

Yep. God is an Auburn fan.

At the game, I met one of my blog followers!! I squeeled when she said she read the ol bloggie! IT WAS SO EXCITING!

After the game, we walked downtown.

Passed Sammy at night. Of course I had to take another picture. He's still pink for breast cancer month!

Toomer's Corner! GLORIOUS!

After the crowd had left.

Of course I had a moment with the trees. I had to hug the toilet paper.

I am terrified they won't be there next year.

The sadness didn't last too long. I took the time to dance with them.

I'm sure they needed it.

Along with a hug.

I hope they'll make it through the poisoning. I'll surely miss them if they don't.. probably more than I should.

I just love Auburn way too much.

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