Tuesday, November 22, 2011

raising the bar

G'day, bloggie friends! 

Another house project has been completed! Remember when I put the stainless steel bar top on last New Year's eve?? Well I had another piece to put on the half wall between the kitchen and dining room. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't put it on there for a year. I have finally nested a bit more in the dining room (it was only the table and ghost chairs for a while), so it was time, fo sho. I also wanted some barstools, and I finally found some I liked, so the bar wasn't just hanging out in the room all alone (the table and ghost chairs are real clique-y).

First off, I laid the plywood base down. I measured and made a mark on the counter to make sure it was placed in the correct spot because there was an overhang on the stainless steel part. See the barstools? There are three, but the third one hadn't been put together when I took these pictures. I love the shape of them, but they are too dark, so they will be getting a makeover soon!

I held it in place with my purse.

I used these nails. I put one on each end and one in the middle. 

Then I put the stainless steel bar on top of it to make sure it fit. It's covered in plastic to protect it from being scratched. My dad cut it out for me! Gotta love a dad that owns a metal fab shop for awesome house projects such as this! 

It fit!

I took it back off to stabilize the plywood. I put several more nails in, and spaced them over the width of the sheetrock wall. I was careful not to put a nail in over the Corian countertop. 

I put the top back on and pulled the plastic off! 

HOW LUXURIOUS!!!! It is so clean and perfect!

See the overhang I was talking about? 

EEEE! I wish I wouldn't have touched it with my grubby little paw down there on the bottom left.

View from the kitchen! 

Here it is with all three of the barstools! I cannot wait to give them a makeover..

And a view from the living room!

I love it! And there is a walkable path between the stools and the dining table (I was a bit worried about that before). I'm so glad to have more seating up in this joint! 

The barstools look almost black here, but the legs are ORB (oil rubbed bronze) and the tops are brown leather. They are from Target and were only about $25 each! I probably should've searched a bit more to find something cheaper, but I was dying to go on and get something in there! I love love love the shape. It goes well with the shape of the dining table and the side tables in the den. I am thinking about painting the legs brushed nickel, and I have been searching for fabric to recover the tops. Anyone have any fabric sites I should check out?! I really dig fabric.com. I went to Hancock Fabrics here and some of the ones I liked were half the price on fabric.com. I'm thinking I want to go with something blue. And it won't be clashing with the rug in there now, because that baby is going to be replaced with the next project... eeeee! 

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