Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fabric galore!

Hello everyone!

I'm back again so soon! I've got a big project going down this weekend: recovering the dining room stools! I ordered several fabrics from last week (it's way cheaper than going to Hancock). To my shock and great surprise, they were here within A WEEK! I got an email notification while I while I was on my travels last week that they had been shipped. They arrived shortly after I got back home from the airport. Christmas come early, yall!

Here are the three I am choosing from. I will henceforth be referring to them as the Flowerdy One, the Red Splashy One, and the Chevron One.

View looking into the den with all three.

Introducing the Flowerdy One. I realllllly had high hopes for this one. It had all the colors tied in from the surrounding decor, but the fabric was really thin. Not good for a lot of traffic that I forsee these stools getting. Also, the yellow was really bright (the pic makes it look more daffodil, rather than the post-it note yellow it really is).

Next up: The Red Splashy One. This fabric is sturdy aka good for lotsa butts coming and going on the seats. It's outdoor/indoor fabric so it will be easy to clean. The only downer I give it is that it doesn't have green in it.

Lastly, The Chevron One. This fabric isn't as sturdy as the other, but it would still make for a good seat, I do believe. It has the green, but no yellow! I'm not a big fan of gray, but this looks pretty good against the stainless steel bar.

I would like to mention here that I will be spray painting the legs a brushed nickel color, so they won't be so dark.

Here is a view into the dining room. I have a new rug coming in that is YELLOW, so please disregard your feelings on how well they go with the light blue rug.

Since ol' Flowerdy One is out of the running, we will start with the Red Splashy One.

What do you think?

View into the dining room. I think this one will look amazeballs next to the new yellow rug that's coming. I should've taken a view into the kitchen, because the red matches the red walls in there. My only sadness is again with there being no green.. the only green thing in here is the walls. Sigh.

View into the den. Ol' Red Splashy One looks great against the chevron lamps, and she picks up the yellow throw pillow way back there.

Now for the Chevron One. He also looks good against the chevron lamps, and I think he's just different enough to not be overkill with them. He also picks up the green of the dining room walls (and gray of the bar).

View into the dining room. It looks alright this way, but I'm not sure how well it would go with a yellow rug in there. My thought is that the yellow rug would make the mirror frame pop a bit more, and since it's gold, and the Chevron is gray, I feel like fabric would look out of place. The bar top and gold mirror play nice right now, so maybe another gray element would push it over the edge.. Thoughts??


I have big plans for these Auburn babies.. stay tuned. If you're a Bama fan, has stuff for you as well!! They had red and white chevron fabric AND a red and white print with elephants on it. There was also a red and navy chevron for all you Ole Miss fans out there.

Equal opportunity fabric distributor!

I got a couple of new red throw pillows! Since some of this new fabric will be turned into pillows if it's not on the stools, I thought I'd give you some views of how it would look.

Here's a view of the two existing pillows with the lamp. I like to call this my "surroundings" shot, because it gets the lamp, curtains, sidetable, couch, rug, and coffee table. My curtains need some umph, if you know what I mean. Speaking of curtains, everyone needs to go check out what my friend Kate has done over at Kate and Barrell. She made some awesome burlap drapes that look like Ballard Design's for about 90% less than it would've cost to buy them!

I can't wait to get more pillows up in here so I can layer them up!

These red pillows really tie all the reds in the room together. The rug is a bit lighter than the star (and the kitchen back there), so red stripes FTW! (that's "for the win" for all those not down with the lingo). Also, pay no attention to the doggie mat on the couch.. I was home for lunch and didn't take the time to remove it.

Here are the existing pillows with their new baby siblings (aka fabric that hasn't grown into a pillow yet). That yellow pillow is similar to the rug that will be in dining room (it will be only yellow and white with a big pattern).

What a lovely little family these all make!

So bloggie readers, what do you think about the fabrics for the stools? I'm leaning toward the Red Splashy One.

Reveal photos will be up next week! (weather permitting the spray painting..)


  1. i was going to say the red flowerdy one until you said highlighter yellow. bummer. i say DEFINITELY the red splashy one. :)

  2. Rachel, I LOVE your place! So fun!! I like the red splashy one too :)