Tuesday, November 1, 2011

you're so vain(ity)..

You probably think this post is about you!!!

Well it is all about you, Vanity!  You were so hard to find! I searched for you all over Birmingham.

Here he is after I brought him inside to the dining room.

Diesel sniffed him all over.

I took him outside and sanded him and began priming the next day.

I used the trusty ol' spray paint primer.

I put him on top of newspaper so I could get to the bottom of the legs with paint.

I put the drawers on newspaper as well.

I ended up balancing the doors on a couple of cans.

I busted out the small roller that I used on the staircase project, and I used the leftover white paint from the stairs as well.

And that left streaks. So what to do?

Smooth it out with the foam brush. Also, I tried to remove all the hardware, but a couple of the hinges wouldn't come off. The screws were put in there wrong, so I just painted over them.

Much better without the lines of the roller. But I was not satisfied.

All the stuff. See the fishy project to the right? The spray paint was calling my name while I was painting him..

So I spray painted the vanity. The foam brush wasn't getting into the grooves on the legs, and the spray paint fixed that issue! 

Streaky on top. Just like the blue sideboard table..

Sadly, I could not use the polyurethane like I had before because it has a brownish tint, which wasn't obvious on the blue sideboard table, but was very obvious on the white vanity.

So I went to Home Depot and got a can of this clear gloss.

There was a tiny bit of a yellow tinge, but it wasn't noticeable unless I put it on too thick.

The workers brought it upstairs so I could see where to position the sink. They ended up taking it back outside and cut the legs down a couple of inches because of where the sink pipes came out of the wall.

Here it is back in place, legs cut. You can see the dings on the drawers..

And around the door and the top of the door.

And the door won't shut. Eek! 

And the drawer doesn't fit.

I also didn't paint the inside of the cabinet. How to fix it so it matches the paint?

Take the spray paint, and spray it into the lid! 


Then all you have to do is take a small paint brush and touch up the chipped spots. Viola! 

Onto the drawer that won't fit..

Here is a view of the pipes with the drawer out. 

And here is how the drawer was cut by the handy men. They did a good job, it just happened to need about another inch cut out. Unfortunately, I need a saw to cut it, and I want it to look right, so for now, the drawer will be sticking out an inch in every picture.

See my toesies in the above pictures? I accidently spray painted my left foot, and the paint will not come off my toenail. 

It's still on there. 


It's been weeks.

Anyhow, here is the vanity all touched up:

You might not can tell a difference..

But I can!

And I got the door to shut with a lot of sanding and undoing then redoing the screws.

And here is the drawer that will be hanging out for a while.

And here is the rug I slapped in here for the time being. I put a white one in there, and it was too white.. it looked blue-ish and made the rest of the bathroom look an off-white color. I can't decide if I should put another color in here, or try another white.


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