Monday, August 29, 2011

more navy, baby!

House project number 3 is complete!!! 


Of course I took a million pictures.. let's start from the beginning! 

I bought this sideboard table at a thrift store for $40. I was looking for something with legs (as opposed to something that sits flat on the ground), and I found her! 

Here she is right after bringing her home. I like the wood, but she had some damage.

There was some white glue-looking stuff around the drawers. 

some scratches on the top

chunks of the wood missing

even more.. eek! 

so what to do? 

Fix it with wood filler!! 


I did this before the staircase project, and before we switched the rugs. 

I just scraped it on with the putty knife and let it dry before putting the drawers back until I was ready to sand and paint. 

In the meantime, I got this awesome glass jar for $10 from TJ Maxx!! 

Of course I filled it with doggie treats! 

I love it! 

Now time to get to work! 

I pulled the drawers out and removed the pulls.

super easy! 

naked dresser!

I had a couple of strong men to help me carry it outside.

and they helped to sand! 

After sanding, I primed it with spray primer.

It was gray for some reason. 

It took 2 cans to cover everything.


Time for navy! 

and time to take a shadow picture.. 

So bright! 

it looked electric blue out in the sunlight.

super streaky on top..

I ended up having to go to home depot to get more spray paint.. with my paint clothes on.. and my arms painted blue.. and my face blue too. 

The boys helped me carry it back inside.

It looked too streaky on top.. (but thank goodness it didn't look electric blue).

So we took it back outside the next day!



How to fix it? My old friend polyurethane! 

SO SHINY!!!!!! 

I painted all of the surfaces with it and let it dry for several hours. Let me give you a tip: stabilize the shelves before painting on the polyurethane. If it falls over in the grass, it will take FOREVER to get all the bits of grass off. 

Back inside after drying! 

I put the pulls back on the drawers, and then put them back in! 

YAY!!!!! The color looks SO GOOD against the green walls!

So so pretty! It looks so much better in person. I'll have to get the ol boyfrand to take a picture with his fancy camera to show it off better.

with the candles and doggie treat jar! 

View from the kitchen (please ignore the newspapers that need to be recycled on the table). I love it!! I went back and forth on deciding what color to paint it, and I am so glad I went with the navy!! Anyone else have problems picking out colors for house stuff?? Check out this site: It is super easy to do "mood boards" for rooms, and you can drag and drop, resize, crop, etc all kinds of things (furniture, rugs, lamps, etc) to create a room layout! They even have brand name stuff to choose from, like CB2 and West Elm. I did one for this dining room, and I tried the layout with a sideboard table as red, yellow, navy, white, and teal to see what looked best in the room. While doing this, I did discover that I would like a new rug in yellow for the dining room.. rut roh.

Let's recap:



I like the way the brass pulls look with the navy, but I think I would like a different (more modern) shape, so I'll be on the lookout for those. 


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