Sunday, December 4, 2011

too cool for stool


Welcome to the big stool reveal! Here is a before picture. They look black, even though they are oil rubbed bronze with dark brown tops. 

First I brought them into the den, turned them upside down, and took the tops off.

I marked a sticker on the seat bottom with a number, and put a sticker on the legs with the same number to keep them matched up. I was nervous they could be a little bit off, so I wanted to make sure the original seat went back to its original legs. 

(see the number 2?) 

(HA. the #2.. stool.. HAHAHA). 

I didn't take a picture of the full fabric laid out, but I obviously went with the red splashy one! Here it is once I cut it down a bit. I knew I wanted all the stools to match, so I centered the seat around the one of the big splashy parts.

I did the same with the other two as well.

I flipped it over and was able to see through the fabric, so I lined up the seat where I wanted it.

I bought a staple gun for this project, and I am happy to report they are less than $9 at WalMart. Can I getta hells yeah?! 

I pulled the fabric and stapled it on all four sides, just once, to make sure it was in place.

I flipped it over, and it was lined up how I liked it, so I continued stapling the fabric. I cut off the excess first though.

I pulled it real tight as I stapled around the edges.

Looking good, eh? I was lucky this fabric was so thick.. you can't see the brown leather from underneath. 

I folded the edges down and cut off the excess fabric.

All done! 

Back of the seat all finished.

I did the other two the same way. Here they all are! 


I took it into the dining room to check it out. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Next, time to paint the legs! I brought them outside to the driveway (the regular spray painting patch is covered in leaves).

I used this Rust-oleum Metallic Finish.

It was AWESOME. I feel like I am a spray paint connoisseur nowadays, and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a brushed nickel paint. 

So shiny! 

All three finished! 

I let them dry while I admired my new Tin Man look..

I brought them back in and screwed the seats back on! 

Aren't they lovely?!?!? 


Just to recap:




you are talking too much



  1. OMG. Can you believe that difference? I am so glad I found you through Anna's party! I am one of Anna's "monday party gals" that are mentioned above. My readers would love this and love to meet you! Would love for you to head over! either way....I am glad I found you! Love, Me

  2. Isn't it amazing how a little fabric and spray paint can totally transform something?
    They look great!

  3. These are great! Love the happy!

  4. Too cool for stool? hehehe... oh man, I'm so immature.

    I absolutely LOVE that fabric, btw.

  5. Thanks everybody! I was quite pleased with how they turned out!

  6. These turned out awesome! That metallic spray paint is legit, I would have thought they were metal if I just saw the after. I have some old craigslist barstools I'd love to do something similar too...though mine have backs and I'm a little intimidated. I'll revamp them eventually :)

  7. Did you have to sand or prime the legs first??? They just look terrific!

  8. Those look great, and that fabric is AMAZING!!!!!

  9. That fabric is to-die-for! Love that you went the extra mile and sprayed the metal silver - really, really pretty!
    Jill @ Junky Vagabond

  10. I love this! That fabric is amazing. It looks so good with the silver legs, and the counter. Great project!

  11. Thanks everybody!

    Carol-Anne, I did not sand or prime the legs. I just jumped right in with the spray paint, and I haven't had any issues with peeling!