Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a very bloggie christmas!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I KNOW I DID! I had big plans of blogging a couple of times while I was at home.. specifically doing a post of those Christmas cards from the past for all to enjoy.. but I couldn't find the album of them, so I decided lounging around watching Home Alone and eating as much fudge as possible was more important. I think I made the right choice..

Santa was very nice this year, along with everyone else! My dad gave me some moolah specifically to purchase this baby:
And purchased I have! It was burning a hole in my pocket!!!! I got him all charged up last night. Wouldn't you know, the memory card I had was almost full, so I was only able to take a few pictures. I ran by WalMart on the way home from work to purchase another one, so I will be playing with the sweet baby after I post this.

Santa brought me this AWESOMENESS!

It's the Ryobi 18v set with TWO saws, a drill, flashlight, and battery with a charger!!!! EEEE! I have no idea what I'm going to do first, but I will be building something in the near future! The 18v battery also fits over 40 things made by Ryobi, so I'm quite excited to have access to all those! All I need now is a money tree...

My mom is giving me an old sewing machine that has been living in the attic. I left it at home, so she will be bringing it to me this weekend!! Get ready for some sweet throw pillow action!

The camera, saw, and sewing machine were the three big things I was most excited about! So many things to help make stuff and a sweet camera for taking awesome pictures of it all!!!! A very bloggie Christmas, indeed!!

A few other goodies:

My sissy got me these Toms. They're super shiny, and I lubs them!

Who's up for a dance off? Santa brought me Just Dance 3!

The ol' boyfrand got me this AWESOME camera bag!!!!!!

Here's a view of the inside of the yellow one. The green one I got has a different pattern.. he knew better than to get me something with houndstooth.. HA!

I'm super pumped about using all of these goodies!!!!!!!!

Who's down to come help me saw?!?


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