Friday, December 30, 2011

year end review!

With the end of the year coming up in a couple of days, it got me thinking about everything that's been accomplished on the ol' house. And man, has there been a lot! I wasn't blogging very consistently at the beginning of the year, and I didn't have a lot of projects going on either, but I'm quite amazed with the progress that's been made in the past few months! In a few days, I'll post some before and after room shots, but for now, let's see it all listed out!

New additions!

3. Red rug for dining room (later moved to the den)

Tons of DIY Projects!

9. Lotsa Spray Painting for the new additions above!

Big Construction!

1. Upstairs Bathroom! (seen here, here, and here)

Yes, they both deserve exclamation points.

There's still lots more to get finished, yall!

1. Tear out old tiny side porch and construct a patio (I'm scared of starting this one)
2. Finish tiny art wall (or just keep evolving it..)
3. Clear out junk to make a guest bedroom
4. Clear out junk to make an office area upstairs
5. Completely finish bathroom upstairs (pulls and mirrors)
6. Maybe paint my bedroom?

In my life outside of the house, I did a bunch of traveling this year!

2. Dallas for work
3. Los Angeles for work
4. Maryland for work
5. Beach for a wedding
6. Lotsa Lake visits
8. Auburn for lotsa football games
9. Baton Rouge for football
10. Dothan for the Peanut Festival & Christmas

WHAT a busy fish!

Books I've finished:

1. Atlas Shrugged.
2. The Help

Yep, that's it. The doozie book (aka Atlas Shrugged) took forever. I can't stop mentioning that I've finished it. I started The Help on Christmas Eve and finished it up last night!

This will be my last bloggie post for the year! I'm headed to Atlanta tonight to see Auburn play tomorrow in the Chickfila Bowl. I will also be going to..


Get ready for lots of posts with the new goodies I'm sure to return with! I am SO excited about going!! I really wish Birmingham would get one. I have been looking through the catalog and website for weeks waiting on this!

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