Monday, January 31, 2011

We are the Champions!!

WELLLLLL looks like my new year's resolution has been shot.. but at least I'm getting two in for January.. two more than December.. I have been quite the country traveler, but that will all be told soon. Here goes:

ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN win win win win win win win win win win win...

We are the champions, my friends! BCS National Champions. Man, it feels good to say that. Arizona was great. The scenery was BEAUTIFUL. The game was AWESOME. It got a little close, but we pulled it out. Thank you to Wes Byrum, for his amazing field goal kick. Some pictures, shall we?

Here are the beautiful tickets! Obviously, this picture doesn't do them justice. Here's a link with a prettier picture:

Mine is the one on the top.. I called the one on the bottom, but my sister got it.. of course. That baby is going to be framed. 

I made facebook updates along the way, everyone seemed to like them, so I am going to repost them here in their entirety.. 

When we got to the airport..

Trip to AZ, 1hour in: 1. Quoted home alone when the cab arrived 2. Cheered at the airport when we saw auburn decor 3.Family fight at security 4. Now at the bar.

The cab pulled up and we screamed: "WE SLEPT IN!!!!" and thus began several minutes of other Home Alone quotes. We got in a big ol fight at the airport.. people were laughing at us. We promptly saddled up to the bar. HA! 

Update 2, flight 1. War eagle chant started. Stewardess made to wear an auburn hat and shirt that said "what the duck?" I also got a free liquor drink voucher.

The first flight was FULL of auburn fans. I ended up sitting with two of my friends from Auburn that just happened to be on my flight. We had some celebratory drinks and got some drink vouchers.. HOW EXCITING! We landed in Dallas, switched planes, and loaded up a whole other batch of Auburn people. 

Update 3. Landed in tulsa, still on plane,waiting to take off for phoenix!1/2 Beer spilled on my leg,but my bag of peanuts was double filled. Still have voucher

Our plane landed in Tulsa, but no one deboarded.. onto phoenix!

Update 4: sat with friends on the plane. Stewardess cut us off. Found katie parrish at baggage claim! Game on.


Update 5: got rental car.Couldn't figure out how to turn off interior light. Mom almost ran over a dude. We are the champions came on on the way to the bar.Wde.

Mom was distracted because my sister wouldn't get out of my lap in the front seat!!!!!! Even though she didn't get there first..

Next day we went to the GRAND CANYON!!!! It was beautiful!!! 

Day 2 update1: 6:30am came real early. Left my phone at the hotel so I have hijacked moms phone to update. Headed to the Grand Canyon, which I have lovingly renamed the Grand Camyon. Everyone stole that from me, and thought it was funny to post since I don't have my phone..wde.

I was so mad that I left my phone in the hotel. I couldn't take any pictures of it with my phone.. I got plenty with my camera though. It was a 5 hour drive from the hotel, we left at 6am. woof. But, like I said, the scenery in Arizona is beautiful.. so it was worth it. Our bus driver was awesome. 

Update 2. Stopped for lunch. Tour guide has a cooler full of ice and water and told us we could put stuff in it. When we asked about adult beverages, he said: what happens on the bus, stays on the bus. Bonus: they sell 40s in AZ. Next stop: the Grand Camyon

What a nice bus driver! All of our phones ended up dying, since there was no service on the ride to the canyon. 

Update 3: back from the beautiful grand canyon. 4 to 1 Auburn to Oregon fans. War eagles in the air. Asked what would happen if I pushed Binky over the edge. Mom said she would sell my game ticket. Binky still with us. Wde.

When we got back, we went to In-n-Out Burger!!!!! It was delicious! We need to start a petition to get it down here in the south.. They had chickfila up there, so it's only fair. 

Day 3: irritated because I wasn't fed until 4. Went to auburn pep rally, thousands of fans. Walked through Oregon's: maybe a couple hundred. They said roll tide. Response: sorry we don't know who your rival is because your conference sucks. Wde.

I was not a happy camper most of the day due to lack of food. ERRONEOUS! There were SOOOO many more Auburn fans than Oregon. Dumb ducks. The next day was the day i had been waiting for ALLLLL MYYYY LIIIIIIFFFEEEE..


Try not to be jealous of my newest gameday button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The stadium was about 70% Auburn fans. It was great! They had an eagle fly at the beginning of the game.. it wasn't our Auburn eagle, but it might as well been. We all gave a big warrrrrrrrrrrr eagle, HEY! when she flew and landed. It was amazeballs!! Of course Oregon comes out with their new uniforms... FUGLY. Their socks looked like someone had highlighted them. (I guess they weren't that bad, but why the fudge do they need a new uniform EVERY game?? We get it. The president of Nike went to Oregon. But isn't there some better way to spend that money?) The game went back and forth.. Everyone predicted it was going to be a high scoring game, but it wasn't. Clearly the defenses stepped up. It was quite the nail biter. The people sitting all around us were NEUTRAL fans. WTF. I would've wanted Oregon more than neutral.. at least they wouldve been passionate about the game. These neuts wore all black. They were impressed/annoyed with my loudness. I did not care. I yelled my little lungs out. I sat with my sissy, so it was double loud. CAN YOU IMAGINE TWO HERRINGS YELLING TOGETHER?!? The game was awesome. We were in the corner of the end zone when Wes Byrum kicked that final field goal to win the game. It was nuts! Huge celebration in the stadium. Here's one of the best plays of the game.

And the game winning kick!!!

Guess who commentated the game?? DUMB OL NICK SABAN AND URBAN MEYER!! uuuggghhh. I can't believe Urban had the nerve to show up after the whole Cam scam that went down. 

When we left the game, we all met up at the hotel across the street, and there was a big ol celebration going on! There was a DJ and bar and tons of Auburn people! We ran into a bunch of people we knew from Dothan! How nice! 

Of course we celebrated all night long. Check out what happened at Toomer's Corner.. I would've been there had I not gone to Arizona. I just love Auburn.

And one of the most glorious pictures I have seen of Toomer's Corner:

I heard the toilet paper went forever down college street. So so pretty. 

It was the most watched program in cable television history!!!! That's program, people, not game. Read it here if you don't believe me..

 The next day we went to Red Rocks in Arizona. It was glorious. 

again, doesn't do it justice. This was the first one we came up to.

Meanwhile, back in the southeast, there was a massive ice/snow storm. We had booked our flights back on Wednesday, but everyone who had Tuesday flights had huge delays.. Luckily we had no problem catching our flights. And lucky for the Auburn students, they canceled class. 

The Friday before I left for Arizona, I found out that I had to travel to Dallas for a convention for work. I went straight from Phoenix to Dallas. It was sad getting off the plane with 100 Auburn fans. I wore orange and blue for the whole conference.. TAKE THAT, TEXAS! While I was there, I found out Cam was going to go to the NFL. I felt like I had lost my bff. sigh... BUT then I found out there was going to be a National Championship celebration in Jordan Hare in a couple weeks, so my mood came back up. 

I finally got back home after being away for a week. There was still snow on the ground! On that Sunday, I found out I had to go to Los Angeles for work.. YAY! I left on Tuesday morning and got back Friday night. It was glorious. The weather was 80 degrees and sunny.. of course we spent most of the time inside at the conference, BUT the last day, we found out was a half day, so we rented a car and went into LA. Take a look:


When I got back on Friday, we left straight for Auburn for the National Championship celebration. It was awesome!! 80,000 people showed up!!!! IT MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN GAME DAY!!! The players and coaches were there. Everyone made speeches and they presented all the awards we won this year. 

look how full the stadium is!! 

They had to open up the upper deck!! AHHHH so great. Of course there was a celebratory roll at Toomer's Corner after the game:

SO PRETTY! They had to close down the streets. I was so excited and overcome with the Auburn spirit, that I pretty much bought a national championship shirt at every store downtown. I also got these SWEET gloves:

Every place of business, restaurant, bar, etc had signs and painted windows congratulating the team! Here was my favorite on the side of Toomer's Drugstore.. 


I have some house updates, but they will have to wait a couple days.. 


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