Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hold me closer, tiny art wall! part deux

I hope everyone had a lovely new year! I had tons of fun in Atlanta at the Chick-fil-a Bowl watching my Tigers win! I also got some shopping in and went to IKEA for some goodies! I'll be sure to introduce those soon. For my first bloggie post of the year, I am revisiting my tiny art wall!

If you recall, this is how you last saw it on the first "hold me closer tiny art wall" post

And here it is now! 

I rearranged some frames and (obviously) added some new ones. In a prior post, I told you I had purchased a bunch of frames at Michaels on sale, and these are most of them! I had to spray paint a couple of them, and they're all filled with art now! The BCS Championship ticket and the little Alabama thank you card were up in the first post, so I'll introduce you to the other nuggies! 

This World's Exposition Shows piece is actually a postcard! I got it from my favorite poster shop, Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. I bought a few of them a while ago when I purchased all the big posters going up the staircase

I bought this next print off fab.com for $5. Fab.com is one of those discount sites like Hautelook, Gilt, Ideeli, etc. If you like artsy things, you should join the site! It's free!

These are a couple of the Eames rocking chairs. They're mid century modern, so of course I like them! I actually have a white one in my room (replica, of course). Someday I will own a real one! 

A little print of Samford Hall! 
(It's at Auburn University, for those not familiar.)

These two squares are actually pictures I took on my iPhone using Instagram. I just printed them on my printer at home and cut them out. They look a bit fuzzy in this picture, but they aren't like that in real life. The top one is of Sloss Furnace here in Birmingham, and the bottom one is of a train going by at a railroad crossing that seriously stops me almost everyday.

By the way, is anyone here on Instagram? My username is herrira (from my college email.. I should really stop using it because it confuses people). Anyhow, follow me and I'll follow you (or let me know your username)! I only follow a couple of people so far (most are randoms), so I'd love to see pics from people I know! 

This little gem is from New Orleans. It's actually a card. I just put it in the frame folded in half. The gold paper backing is actually the piece of paper that came with the frame. You know, the one that says the dimensions and brand name? I just turned it around to the back white side and spray painted it gold with some leftover spray paint. 

It's actually an original print, and it has a lovely sheen to it (the spray paint is shimmery as well). I decided to not center it in the middle, and I really like it's placement with more of the matting showing at the bottom.

This baby is another postcard from Hatch Show Print! 

And here we have another postcard! This one was ordered from Fab.com as well. It came in a pack of 30 cards for about $15. I love the old school travel poster look.

I think I need something in the top right, and a couple of small doodads to fill in some gaps. I won't be able to go lower with the frames due to doggie tails whipping around! I'd hate for one of the pups to break some glass and hurt their little paws! 

Here's a view looking at the front door. See that naked wall on the right? Tiny art wall will be expanding to the other side as well! I bought tons of frames on my big IKEA trip this past weekend to help the progress! That's the entrance to the kitchen on the middle of that wall, and then the bathroom entrance to the far right of the picture.

Then there's this wall to the right of the bathroom. I swear, there was no thought to the placement of anything in this house! The light is not centered, there's a random switch in the middle of the wall, with another one to the left of it. I don't think tiny art wall will continue this far, but I feel like it needs something..

Anywho, here is the "hold me closer, tiny art wall" one more time! 

Does anyone else have a tiny art wall going up?! 


  1. I really like your wall. Lots of creative prints. I'll be checking out Fab.com shortly. We have a gallery wall, but it's not tiny. We decided to turn an entire wall into a gallery. You can check it out, http://pikesplaceblog.blogspot.com/ There are still some frames that need filling, never thought about using tickets. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Faith! I just checked out your gallery wall, and it looks awesome! I wish I had enough wall space to create one as big as yours. I also noticed you're a big Van Gogh fan. I'm obsessed with his paintings!! Good luck filling your frames!