Thursday, January 26, 2012


You know what?

i like what i'm herring. 

We Are Young by Fun. I guess this is becoming popular.. I heard it on American Idol (jeez, I just admitted I watch that..). Whenever I hear it, I want to belt out the chorus.
And I do when I'm at home. 

Video Games by Lana Del Ray. Ooooo wee, I love her voice. She was on SNL and got slammed for sounding bad. Who cares?!? I love this song. I heard she makes her own music videos, so she is just that much cooler to me. 

Simple Girl by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. This song is just so catchy! It makes me feel like skipping. And whistling. 

Jealous, Binky? 
(My sister can't whistle. She just blows air out of her mouth. It's hilarious.)

The Way It Is by Nicole Atkins. This is another chorus I like to belt out.. and wouldn't ya know, I don't know all the words.. but the dogs think I sound great. 

Where do I find these little gems? I stream music all day at work (it's not frowned upon, btw) from a local radio station. It's actually not a station, they're only online, so you can't hear them on the radio (sad for the ride to and from work). But BONUS because you can stream it from anywhere! 

Birmingham Mountain Radio at 

I have to stop myself from singing out loud at work. Do yourself a favor, and tune in. They're awesome. They do giveaways on facebook for concerts happening around town. I have won tickets to see the Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, and The Civil Wars. FO FREE! AMAZEBALLS!

Project Update:
It seems like painting my room has sucked away all my time. I finally finished the second coat tonight.. but there will be a sneak attack surprise that hasn't been started yet. I'm sure it will take a couple of weeks to finish, so bear with me. It will be worth it.. 

I hope.

I have also been doing a lot of invitations! It is definitely shower season. I've already done SIX of them! Three baby showers, two engagement parties, and a bachelorette party. I'll be sure to show some of them off soon. 

I don't have a ton of projects going at my house in the meantime, so guess what I'm doing this weekend?! Helping my friend Jenny lay a backsplash at her house! There will be tons of pictures and she's already given the go ahead to put it on the bloggie. Woo!  

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