Wednesday, January 18, 2012

geometric curtains

 Guess what I picked up today?! My new curtains!!!!!

Upset alert: I don't have pictures of them yet, so I'm bringing you some other delicious spaces with geometric curtains to hold you over until tomorrow!

Imperial trellis curtains! I like them in this space, they really modernize the room. (Is modernize a word?) Update: spellcheck says no, google says yes. I go with the goog.

How lovely is this space? The light fixture. The table base. Those orange-y leather chairs. The soft blue bench. Love. ly. 

I like the mixing of patterns here with the curtain and the wall! I've been noticing a lot of glass topped desks/dressers lately. Me likey. 

Who wouldn't want to have this as their office?! The roman shades, light fixtures, chairs, the desk top, all so sleek!!! I also enjoy how the carpet goes under the knee space. Will someone come put this in my house?

These geometric curtains add some nice interest to this space. It would definitely be too plain without them. I wonder how comfortable those chairs are.. I can't imagine very much with the pointy bum area.

Oo la la, a vintage space!!! Le Corbusier leather chairs! The Platner chair and footstool! Can you stand all the awesome chair-ieness going on here?!?! I know I can't!!

Well, I could do without that shag rug. Ha! I think if this room had a different wall color (and rug), I would be in looove.

Are you ready to see my geometric curtains now?! 

ME TOO! I'm going to try to get them looking nice (aka no wrinkles) for you all tomorrow!

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