Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tv stand facelift!

Hello everyone! 

Today I'm going to show you my small TV stand project so that I can do my before and after  living room post tomorrow! Here is how my TV stand bookcase looked for a long time. Unorganized. Randomness. Woof. 

So I got off my behind and styled the shelves. I brought down a bunch of my books from upstairs and collected some of the doo dads from around the house.

It remained like this for a while. Until pinterest got involved..

Have you seen where people paint the backs of their bookshelves a different color? I've always loved the look, but I haven't ever tried it. Well these shelves don't have a back, so what to do? I saw on pinterest where someone had spray painted foam core and cut it out to fit the backing of their bookshelf. GENIUS! Then you don't have the commitment of paint, and you can interchange it whenever you like! I ended up using poster board.. because I'm a cheap skate. Here's the paint color I used:

And viola! Color backed shelves! I just cut the poster board into squares to fit, and taped it on the back with painters tape. What a nice change!

Let's have a look at some of the shelves, shall we?

My mom painted this vase for me on one of her mission trips to Panama! Isn't it lovely?! And that baby dino came with Richard's Christmas gift. He seemed to have left it at my house, so I put him on the shelf. I think I'd like to do a terrarium one day, and put him in there to live!

Meet Napoleon! I found him at Ross for only $10! Who doesn't love a good white ceramic animal?

Here are all of our photo booth photos! Our friend's had the booth at their wedding! How fun! There were tons of props, and the people running the booth would print out 2 copies, one for the couple to go in an album, and another for the people in the pictures! They even put them in these frames for us! How nice! 

That cute little white vase to the right is from the thrift store for $1! Nice! 

The coke bottle is commemorating the Auburn Tigers 1984 Sugar Bowl win! I got that vase from TJ Maxx for about $7, and I filled it with tickets from past events!

I got this penguin pair at the thrift store for about $3 for both! How cute are they? I love hourglasses. This is actually a 30 minute glass.. ha! It's from Kohl's (random) from a year ago.

This little pony is from Arizona. I got him on my trip last year, and he was hand made by the Native Americans from that region. I brought the vase back from Deruta, Italy. And yes, that is a sparkle-dy picture frame (probably from 1997) with a photo of me and 3 of my best friends from 5th grade. Three of us had matching Speedo swimsuits that we all bought separately. We thought it was the greatest thing! We're all still friends, by the way, so I think it's acceptable to have it displayed.

And yes, that is a Spongebob toy from a kid's meal. He made his way onto the shelf awhile ago, and I can't make myself take it down.

I didn't take pictures of all the shelves, but somehow I missed a close up of that top right one. It houses my all time favorite picture! It's of me and my friends before homecoming in 8th grade. The majority of us are still BFFs. Most of us have gone to school together since kindergarden. Can you believe that?! We had our 20 year anniversary of knowing each other last year. Do you know what the 20th anniversary gift is? China. I brought this up to my roomie Katie (who is in the photo as well), and she was suppose to get together a trip to China (since we're not in the market for dishes).. I think we ended up going to get Chinese food instead. Oh well! Point of the story: you can meet your BFFs in kindergarden. There have been 3 weddings we've pretty much all been a part of, and I'm sure there will be more to come! Amazingly, a lot of us (and others from our highschool class) live in Birmingham, so we get to have mini reunions all the time! I love my friend family!

You may have noticed Gilmore Girls on the TV. Sorry I'm not sorry.

I lubs it! Notice our sweet selection of games on the bottom shelves?! We are big fan of spontaneous family game nights. And by family I mean roomies plus whoever drops by..

Get ready for the before and after room pics tomorrow! 


  1. Hi!!! Where is this bookshelf from?? I ve seen un ikea but i assume is not that tall...

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