Sunday, January 15, 2012

pup silhouettes!

This could be my best thrift store transformation yet! I found these oval "frames" for about $2 each at my local thrift store. I say "frames" because they're actually all plastic. There's no back to remove or glass on the front. The cherubs are actually stuck on there like stickers.

One had a crack and hole in it, so I had to fix that before the big transformation.

I used the Patch n Paint that I had from patching holes in the wall.

I scraped it on there with the putty tool, but it was easier to manipulate with my fingers. 

Here's the back. It looked like the back of a chalkboard.

As with all projects, I brought them out to the yard to spray paint.

New development in my spray painting technique: I propped the "frames" up on leftover 2x4's so the grass wouldn't come up over the edge. 

I used this Rustoleum champagne metallic paint. It was from Home Depot for about $7. The Krylon metallic paint from WalMart is cheaper, but in this instance, I didn't want to make two trips. Just FYI if you were in the market for metallic spray paint.

You may have noticed this project going down from my full project picture in the revamped bedside table post! 

It took several coats. The cherubs were raised up a bit, so I felt like the more layers I put, the less noticeable they would be.

I finished the second half of the project this weekend! I took profile pictures of my pups on my iphone. You may notice I had to hold their heads in the correct position.. Then I sized them on my computer and printed them out.

Then I cut them out and shaped the bottom.

It was easier to tell the shape on the white side.

I outlined them with a pencil. I decided to do them facing each other. 

I mixed up some paint to make navy and painted them on there! 

I had to do a couple of coats so the brush strokes weren't noticeable.

All finished! 

I took down the Hatch Show Print, and hung up these lovelies! Don't worry, ol' HSP will reappear on the tiny art wall! 

Some room shots, shall we?

Can you tell which pup is which?


  1. I am doing this for each of my foster dogs. Absolutely.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! I will probably be requesting your services from some when I move to my new house!!!!! You're so talented Rachie!

  3. Love this! You did an excellent tutorial, too!