Tuesday, January 24, 2012

it's a pillow! it's a pet!

It's a pillow pet!!!

Not really. However, I do find myself singing that song A LOT.. and I tend to make my own variation of it. Like: it's a happy! it's a birthday! it's a happy birthday! or it's a Cotton! it's a Diesel! it's a CottonandDiesel!!!! (one word smooshed together because there are too many syllables).

Onto the post! I have purchased some pillows that need some mentioning! First off, these sweet ikat navy pillows. 

They look lovely with the navy Vulcan print, sideboard table, and the Hatch Show Print way back there. They were only $8 for BOTH from the new Mission Possible thrift store in Homewood, AL. This thrift store is so new that they have new furniture (slightly damaged I think). These pillows are new as well. They come in plastic bags. 

The yellow pillows are also from that same thrift store. 

Here is my new green pillow! It's from Wal Mart. I can't decide if it's really my style, but I need some texture up in here, and this one has just that.


It matches pretty well I do believe. I have a slight pillow problem.. they're each only one color (two if you count white). I need the sewing machine that's hiding out in Dothan so I can make some pillows with the fancy fabric I purchased a while ago.

I dig 'em! 

In other Rachel news: 

I have started Insanity. Again. Insanity is a workout DVD set. You may have seen infomercials on it. It's like P90X, but it's only 60 days instead of 90. I started it a long time ago, right before I started this bloggie. Then the house fell apart, so I stopped (no one wants to workout in a hotel room). I started it back up again about a year ago, but I got busy and started slacking off. I'm here to announce that this time around will be different! My roomie has decided to do it with me. We woke up this morning at the crack of dawn (5:45am to be exact) and started the first workout. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress! 

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