Thursday, January 19, 2012

my new curtains!

Here they are, as promised! The lighting isn't that great, and the white curtains have gotta go! Why? They are too bright against the couch. I've got an idea of what I want instead... Thoughts on that later on. Let's get to it!

I love the added pattern!!!

Don't worry, I brought the white curtains down from my room, so no money spent on those babies! I did, however, go buy the ring clips. I obviously didn't get enough, so pardon the droopiness at the top.

Close ups!

Still a little wrinkled. Oopsie! I just wanted everyone to see the pattern up close.

I dig em! 

They look lovely with the dining room wall! They're a tiny bit darker, but it's not obviously noticeable when you're in here.


Here are some examples of what I'm thinking needs to happen up on my windows: 

Bamboo shades! 

This picture below feels more like my style: bright colors and patterned curtains. See how nice the bamboo shades look? It's adds a nice natural element to the room. 

I can't wait to get some up in here! (up in here..)

Funny note: I typed bamboob every time I tried to write bamboo. Then I giggled to myself. 

This weekend, I'm going to take the first step in my bedroom makeover! Do you know what it is? If you have been within 5 miles of me, you've probably heard me talk about it..

I'll give you a hint: it starts with a P and ends with aint. 


  1. I'm about to pin this entire post to Pinterest because I want your house. Hope that's ok! :)

  2. You are brave in combining different colors and patterns in a single room. It is a risky move, because there are times when it would look out of sync. On a different note, I guess you should try those bamboo shades you are eyeing. That would give your home a tropical resort feel if you combine it with your green curtains.

    Kathy Carbone

    1. Hey Kathy! I have added new shade since this post was written. Check it out!

  3. Great idea with the bamboo shades! I hope that you push through with it I honestly think you should. I love how the colors in your room are perfectly balanced and easy on the eyes. Good thing you didn’t go crazy with bright colors and too much patterns.

    Roxie Tenner