Sunday, January 8, 2012

dining room: then and now

I have finally started projects, room shots, etc. using my new camera! The projects that were posted last week had already been photographed with my phone, so now it's time to bring on the awesomeness produced by the Nikon D3100! 

I told y'all a few weeks ago I was going to show you how the rooms have progressed from when I moved in to where it is today. I'm going to start with the dining room! It opens up into the kitchen and the den, so you'll see shots of those as well. 

Here it is the day I closed on the house. I drove straight there after work and took tons of pictures. Sadly we weren't moved in yet, so there was no furniture. 

Here it is today! So bright and cheery! I love it! I liked the paint color in there so much, I didn't have to change it. 

This is from the night we moved in the house. Boxes and clutter everywhere, but this is one of the only pictures I have with the old dining room table. It was too big for this space (and not really my style), so I gave it away to Goodwill. 

Here is the new dining room table! It's the Torsby table from Ikea (I don't think they make the frosted glass top anymore. Only clear glass now). I ordered the ghost chairs from for quite a deal. The rug is from Southeastern Salvage with a paint job from myself. I'm still looking for dining chairs, I just haven't found exactly what I want yet..

View of the dining room from the kitchen. This was before the big remodel. 

After! The whole wall was torn out, the desk top brought up, and a bar top added.

Before: view into the kitchen from the dining room. 

After! I'm so glad the bar top was added so I could bring in the colorful barstools! 

 Full shot once more! 

Some detail shots, shall we? Here's the lovely Maskros light from Ikea with my globe, fish, string art, and doggie treats in the back.

Here are the records! I love these things. They were my dad's back in the day, so I snagged them and found some album frames at Michael's. Well, all except Thriller. My mom got me that a couple years ago. Ha! I had them hanging in the dining room of my house in college. They use to hang where the big mirror is on the opposite wall in this house, but when we opened up the walls in the kitchen, there was some shuffling around of the hanging items. 

Ohhh, ahhhh! 

The barstools! 

Again with the painted rug! I'm happy to report it's held up very nicely. The pathway to the kitchen goes over the right side of it, and it cleans up just by running the vacuum over it.

I got a little camera happy..

Ok, a lot camera happy. This is the path I was talking about. It's a bit discolored, but it's not noticeable unless you stick your face down there.

View into the den from the dining room.

And artsy shot in the mirror. I am obsessed with this camera, y'all. 

I can't wait to show the projects I worked on this weekend! 

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