Sunday, January 22, 2012

"new" dining chairs

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My sister made an impromptu trip up to Birmingham to visit and brought my niece-y pup! 

Such a schweet girl. Her name is Possum, in case you forgot.

The visit put a bit of a halt to my bedroom makeover, but the weekend wasn't totally wasted! I painted some dining room chairs I just purchased! I got them last week at the Salvation Army in Homewood, AL. I bought 4 of them, but there were about 15 left at the store (in case someone wants to go grab some!). They were just gray, stackable chairs with metal legs. 

I put them in the carport and wiped them down with some Clorox wipes.

Then I brought them out to the old spray paint patch. I wrapped the legs in newspaper to keep the paint off. My sister was gracious enough to come out and take some shots of me in action. Do you like my paint clothes? HA! 

I wasn't too worried about taping it down. 

Full shot! Yes, that's another project on the left. More on that tomorrow! 

I painted them white with the ol' trusty high gloss white spray paint that I always use.

Back inside! I moved the ghost chairs to each side of the sideboard table.

I love them! 

They look like they belong in here! The metal legs go great with the table legs. How convenient! 


I can't believe I finally found some. I've been looking for months!

You won't believe how much I paid for them..

I was actually searching for wooden chairs with metal legs, like this:

Every time I came across these, they were about $100 each. Some places I would find them about $80 a piece, but I needed four, and I didn't want to spend $320. So I began looking at other options.

This white chair with metal legs from is $90. NINETY! 

And this baby below from is $60. 

Now. My babies were...

$3.75 each!!!!!!!!!!

They were originally $5. On the particular day that I went (a Wednesday), furniture was 25% off!!!!! I got all 4 for $15!!! 


Anyone else find any good deals lately??

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  1. I want you to decorate my house one day. For a sisterly rate, a'course!

  2. love that!! is that a diy rug too? i love green and blue together. beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! It is a DIY rug! There is a link in the right column called "painted rug" that gives the tutorial.

  3. that is an amazing deal! i must have, like, the worst thrift stores in existance around my way. i love those chairs spraypainted-i don't know why, but i'm concerned for people sitting in them. the paint can't come off, right??

    1. My roommate had the same concern! It's been fine thus far. We tested it by sitting on towels the first couple of days just in case, but there haven't been any issues. Good luck thrifting! I had been looking for a year before I found these. You might have luck at antique/flea malls as well!