Monday, January 16, 2012

living room: then and now

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back with the before and after shots of the living room! Warning: I have very few before pictures.. and a lot of after.

Here's the photo of the day I closed on the house!

This is the night we moved in! The living room use to be the hodge podge room. One roommate had the couch and loveseat, one had the side tables (and TV stand that you can't see), and one had the coffee table. The rug and lamps are the only things in this picture that are mine. And that cute pup pup at the bottom. 

And here we are today! It just feels so much better, even just looking at it in pictures!! The coffee table and circle canvases on the back wall are the only things that remain! 

Before picture taken the day before we moved into the house.

After! I'm so glad that wall was opened up! 

Before of the staircase! 

After! I still love looking at them! They need to be cleaned just a bit.. oops.

Hatch Show Prints up the staircase!

Detail shots!

View into the dining room.

TV stand with my giant star and Hatch Show Prints.

One of my favorite pieces of art! For those who aren't familiar with Birmingham, we have a giant Vulcan statue that looks over the city, which is what this print is referencing. This is by a local artist here in town. And it's navy, which I obviously love to use up in this house.

The James Dean print that resides on the other side of the door.

I just bought these jars at Urban Suburban here in town! They're from Italy and were only $30 for all three. What a deal! 

What do we have here? Oh, just the bedside table I was going to use in my room. I have changed my bedroom makeover plans, so this little handsome devil will now live here in the den! 

Look how nicely the red tray covers the scratches on top! 

Full view of the couch! I can't wait to get my new curtains up in here! 

Full view!

This room is almost complete! EEEE!

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