Sunday, December 11, 2011

convex mirror obsessed

Hello everyone! 

Last week I told you how I had been searching for a mid century modern piece for a long time, and I finally found one at the thrift store. Unfortunately, this weekend was not as productive as I had hoped, so instead of a reveal post of that piece, I am going to tell you about another piece I have been searching for a looooong time: a convex mirror! I can't seem to find one anywhere (or at least one that is not super expensive). Here are some spaces with convex mirrors that I'm digging: 

This one below is actually what is called a Federal Mirror or Eagle Mirror. 

So chic! 

How soothing is this space?! I love aqua with gold accents.

I love the pops of color in this room, and I am obsessed with the herringbone/chevron floors. I also love the high gloss teal walls! So fancy! 

I like that the mirror is placed on the bookshelf. 

I love this room! The chandelier, the chairs, the mirror.. ahhhh! 

This couch is a bit too funky for me, but I dig the convex mirror with a sunburst around it.

I'll just have to look at these lovely images until I can find one for my own!  

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