Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pup painting: chloe

Hello everyone! 

If you recall, I told you a couple weeks ago that I was doing my first pet painting for a dear sweet bloggie reader, Jessica H. Here is the lovely pup! Her name is Chloe, and she is a beautimous weimaraner. 

Here she is with her NeNe. If you don't know what that's referencing, then we cannot be friends. 

Kidding! But you really need to go youtube Mackenzie from Toddlers and Tiaras. I'll be sure to do a full blog post review on her later for your reading pleasure..

I got Jessica to send me several pictures of the pup to determine color, personality, etc.

We ended up using the one below.

It's best to have the pup sitting with the body below the head (some picture angles have the body over the head).

I grided the canvas, and sketched out the pup pup.

Confession: Sometimes I like the way they look in pencil.. I always get nervous they won't look as good once I start painting. 

I went with a yellow background (Jessica told me a few colors she liked for me to choose from). Since the pup is a grayish color, I wanted to keep it light so that she would pop.

The lighting in these pictures isn't that great... terribly sorry. I was in the dining room, and you can see the shadows from the light fixture.

I usually do the face first, but once I started, I ended up painting the body. 

I checked it in the kitchen lighting several times. 

See how different the lighting is? 

Here she is close to complete! 

This final picture is here so you could see the scale of the painting.. please don't judge my non-made up self.

Chloe got there before Christmas! Here's a snippet from the dear sweet bloggie reader: 

"It's AMAZING!! The expression is perfect! I mean it looks just like her. I am so so happy. You did an awesome job."

That pretty much made my Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not gonna lie, I was just a bit nervous since this was the first painting I had done without actually meeting the pup pup in person, so I was quite excited with the feedback!!

Since Chloe was the first purebred pup to get painted, I got her scanned (since I know there are more weim lovers out there). She is available for prints, if anyone is interested!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I'll be back tomorrow with some of the awesome goodies I received!!!! 


  1. You did such a good job! I love it. I have a weim and this painting looks just like my dog. You pictured their expression perfectly.

  2. Thanks, Whitney!! Hope everything is going well!