Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my first mid century modern piece!

I have had an obsession with mid century modern for a long time now. I have scoured the thrift stores and garage sales in hopes of finding a credenza like these beauties below. It's what I originally wanted to go in the dining room where the blue side table is, but could never find one... Le sigh. Here are some I really like:

This one is very unique.

I love love love the handles on the doors and drawers on this one.

EEE! This whole setup is asking to be recreated at my house.. The globe, the blue lamp, the green accents.. I love this look.

Ohhh myyyy greatness! TONS of mid century modern furniture in this room! I love the details in this space. 

Not my favorite room, but one of my favorite credenzas.

I really dig the white on wood look.


Here is a plethora of wood with white accents. I'm obsessed! 

Like I said, I always search places for these types of tables. I dropped by the thrift store closest to my house on my way home from work this week, AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!

FOR $45!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love how the wood grain on the top row of drawers is vertical, while the bottom six are horizontal. There are obviously some scratches, but I'll just sand those out.

He rode around in my car for a few days due to the fact that it's rained here everyday after work (I didn't want his sweet self to get wet). Here he is! Thank goodness I have a big car to bring home these adopted pieces! 

I can't wait to get started! 

He definitely needs a little lovin'. It looks like he use to have a mirror, so I'll have to remove those brackets on the back.

I almost danced a jig when I saw him in the store. I have no idea where I'm going to put this puppy, but I know that he belongs with me. I may be tackling my first stain project with this one. I can't decide if I should paint part of it white or leave it all wood... decisions, decisions.. 

Hopefully there will be a reveal post next week! 

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