Wednesday, December 14, 2011

real quick.

I was super busy after work today/everyday this week! A lot of times I set up bloggies to post for the upcoming week on Sundays and Mondays, and I just couldn't get it togetha these past few days! For some reason in the past few weeks, I have been determined to get a post out almost every week day (Mon-Thurs) and sometimes Sunday. I figured I'd just drop in real quick tonight for a life update! Is that lame? I feel like it's a cop-out post. BUT this is my bloggie, and I do what I want!! 

1. I am working on my first commissioned puppy painting for a dear sweet bloggie reader!! SO EXCITING!!!!! 

2. We are having a cookie swap at work tomorrow, and I just made some chocolate chip cookies. Now my house smells of deliciousness. JEALOUS?! Speaking of cookies, you know what is the worst? When you get a chocolate chip cookie, take a big ol' bite, and it turns out to be oatmeal raisin. Woof. Hopefully this won't happen to me tomorrow at the swap.

Cookie monster hates all fruit, which includes raisins.

3. My sissy Binky may be coming to visit me tomorrow. The primary reason? To take a Christmas card picture. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we still take Christmas card pictures. It use to be quite the undertaking. Binky gets SOOOO ANGRY whenever we take them. No one knows why. Not even she knows. There are some classic ones throughout the years: the bawling crying 3 year old Binky, the arms crossed glaring at the camera Binky, the adolescent "why the hell are we doing this" smirk Binky.. I am going to have to scan some pictures from the past when I go home for the holidays, because they are worthy of a post all themselves. It use to be TORTURE when we were younger because we would use a deposable camera to take them. Only 27 chances to get it right... You would've thought it got better once digital cameras came out but it didn't. 

We found a way to curb the anger by taking pictures throughout the year instead of waiting until December 20th. It seems to take the pressure off. And whenever we take a picture together, no matter what time of year, we say: CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE! 

4. I went to Michael's to get some stuff, and they are having a 40% sale on frames!!!!! ALSO there is a 25% BONUS coupon for frames online or in your newspaper. SO THAT'S 65% OFF FRAMES, YALL!!! If you are doing your own (hold me closer) tiny art wall, or just need some frames, GO NOW!!! Sale ends on Sunday I believe. I bought 3 big ones and 3 little ones for $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Note: they have frame sales a lot, but the bonus coupon was what stepped it up a notch). 

Can't wait to fill this baby out with my new purchases! I've added some new art, btw. I will unveil once I hang the new frames... although I don't have art for the new babies.. never ending art wall! 

5. I tried to set myself a bedtime. Or rather, send myself upstairs at 10:30pm to get ready for bed and stop doing projects, blogging, etc. So far I'm 0/3. It's 11:41pm. Oops. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to bed early..

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