Tuesday, December 6, 2011

merry christmas, ya filthy animals!

Jeez, I don't do near enough Home Alone references on the ol' bloggie. 

ANYWAYS, guess what time it is, Diesel (my little filthy animal)?!?!? 


Here is my sweet baby Christmas tree! I got it in college, and I am just in love with this sweet little pea. It will always have a spot in my home! 

I moved the smaller side table of the nesting tables in the corner to the middle of the chairs for this little beauty.

Here it is in the day time!


I was walking the streets of Pinterest and saw a classy looking house with wreaths in all the windows. Of course I copied. I got the wreaths at Walmart for under $3 each, the bows on them were about a $1 and I already had the spool of ribbon to wrap around the window.

In the daytime!

This sparkly wreath hung outside last year, but I brought her inside and placed her on the mirror for this year's festivities. I used painters tape to stick the ribbon to the back side of the mirror, and I reenforced the wreath with the tape on the mirror as well. 

This toy is a HUGE hit! I actually have two, because my sister didn't want hers when we got them one Christmas.. I put them on the side tables for peeps to play with! 

Here are our stockings! Sadly, there is no mantel in this house. Le sigh.. 

I tucked that center one back so it didn't cover the TV. 

And here is the shiny garland up the staircase! I also have a reindeer door hanger up there. There's a snowman and Santa on the other roomies' doors! 

Here is my lovely grouping of Christmas trees! 

And here they are in better lighting! Notice that the small feather tree is missing some feathers on the backside?!? WELL that's because my sister decided to sneak upstairs on Halloween (when we lived together in Auburn) and RIPPED THEM OFF TO MAKE AN INDIAN HEADDRESS FOR HER COSTUME!!! RUDE!!!!!!!!! Apparently I complained about it so much that my mom bought the big one for me to make up for it! Yeah!! I laugh about it now, but man ol man was I mad at the time.

Here are my lovely circle lights! 

There was no other great place to hang them, so this seemed appropriate.

And look! The first Christmas gift of the season! 

It's from the neighbors! How cute!!!! So funny! 

(it says Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! from the Ding Dongs next door!)

Lastly, I took a picture with as many Christmas decorations in the frame as possible. HA! I got six! 

 These lovely hand towels are from Target out of the dollar bin! Two came in a pack (the other had Santa on it, it just wouldn't fit on the stove).

Oh, hey Diesel creeper!!! 

He loooooooves to follow me around while I take pictures. My schweet little helper! 

I made them both my little elves as models in a photo shoot I did so I could put an example picture in a few of Christmas cards I designed! 

They have on jingle bell collars, although you can't really tell with the furry mane Cotton has..

One in green as well! 

And a snowman one! 

Merry Christmas, y'all! 

(if you're interested in the cards, visit my Etsy page here!)

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