Monday, October 17, 2011


A couple of new decor items in the house. First off, my most favorite new thing!!!! 

THE BIG RED STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, he is huge.

But I love him!

Isn't he glorious?! This wall has been asking me to put something on it. When I was desperately looking for the piece of furniture to put in the bathroom, I found him in one of the 23948 stores I had searched through. I knew he was going to be too wide, but I don't think it looks too bad. I carried it in from the car and immediately hung it on the wall (you can actually see the hammer and tape measure in the top picture). 

And he matches the Double Cola sign in the kitchen. EEEEE! 

I also found these sweet babies in my hunt for the perfect bathroom furniture..


And they were only $8 for the pair!!!!! Amazeballs! 

Here it is with the "surroundings". I need some for the couch. I'm still on the hunt..

Here are some random pictures I took on the way home from work the other day. I used the ol iPhone app Instagram to edit them. I love Instagram! Everyone needs to download it!

Crestwood Blvd. 

I cross the train tracks everyday. There is a train about 75% of the time. But a good photo op, i suppose.

Sloss Furnace. I pass this going to and from work. I think it is so nifty! It use to produce iron, but now it is a National Historic Site where concerts, festivals, etc. take place.


You know what time it is???

Time to talk about AUBURN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

Since the last time I've talked about football, we have had a loss against Arkansas. So frustrating. Our quarterback looked awful. We were tied at halftime. They must've had some awesome speech from their coach, because they ran up the score that second half. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it. 

On to better things..

We beat Florida this past weekend! Want some pics?

Towards the end of the game.

I kept calling them Carrot Pants. 

As in "What are you doing, carrot pants?!?" if they pushed one of our players.



Aubie on the 50 yard line! 

View of Sammy from the stadium! 

Picture of Cam on the outside of the stadium!

Toomer's Corner!!!! My favorite!!!!

CrAzY tOoMeRs PiCtUrE! 

The Samford side of Toomer's

SAMMY!!!! He's pink for breast cancer month!

So pretty!!!! 

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