Sunday, October 16, 2011

cookin' with crescents!

COOKING!!! Can you believe it?!? From this picky fish?!!

If you've ever had a meal with me, you'd know I have 4 basic food groups: chicken, steak, potatoes, and cheese. Yep. I'm one of those meat and potatoes kind of gals. Everyone knows it. My family. My friends. Even people at work. I remember when I was little going to the beach with my best friend, we would go out for dinner, and she and her parents would have to assure me that they would have chicken fingers on the menu because I was so picky. The only fruit I would eat were bananas. And the only vegetable was english peas (which I found were twice as delicious when mixed with mashed potatoes). I have expanded my tastes just a little bit (add asparagus to the vegetable list), but I still don't like lettuce. Or onions. I didn't like spaghetti when I was little because the sauce had onions in it. What kid doesn't like spaghetti?!?! My mom would make me a tiny hamburger patty from part of the meat used in the sauce just so I would eat something, because I wouldn't eat if it was something I didn't like. ANYHOW, this post isn't really about vegetables... it's about a delicious meal using a couple of my favorite food groups!

Let me first start with how this came about. My new roomie cooks many delicious things, and she whipped up this delicious awesomeness in about 15 minutes (amazing, right?).  She took crescent roll dough and laid all the triangles out on a cookie sheet. Then she spread some blackberry preserves on them. THEN she took brie cheese (YUM!) and placed it in the center of each triangle. Next she wrapped them up into little poofs, and put them in the oven for about 10-12 minutes. They were DELICIOUS! I honestly didn't know if I was going to like them or not, but they were awesome. The crescent rolls were so flaky, and the cheese was so melty, and the blackberry preserves added just the right flavor!

Then this got me thinking about other things in crescent rolls. I'm sure there are a million recipes out there, but I just used what I had in the fridge. On my first go around, I didn't take pictures until the end (sorry).

I had leftover boston butt that my dear ol dad had given me. After eating sandwiches all week, I decided to switch it up by making it into my first crescent roll creation.

Boston butt and ranch dressing inside the crescent! They were pretty good. I wish I would've added some cheese to hold it together better.

Later in the week I made another concoction, and I documented every step. Chicken and feta!! WHAT COULD BE BETTA?!?

start with a tube of crescent rolls

lay them out on a pan

Ingredients! I had cooked that chicken earlier in the week.

I cut up the chicken and just piled it up with the feta, poured on the dressing, and wrapped them up.

I made a mess with the sauce. 

Cooking in the oven! And look! I made asparagus too! 

The dressing burned. So sad. 

But they were still delicious! 

Yum yummmmm! 

Speaking of cooking, my dear sweet friend Kate Wallace has started a blog featuring the many dishes she whips up!! She and I are in the same boat with owning houses, having two pups, being big ol' Auburn fans, and now being bloggers! 

Her blog is called Kate & Barrel! She is a fan of wine along with delicious food. Hilarious! I made this logo for her site to carry on the wine theme! haha! 

Here is the link to her site: 

Check it out yall! 

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