Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remodel Part One: The Kiddie Bathroom

Ello! (as in 'ello govnas!) 

Told you I'd be back soon! Let's dive right in, shall we? The upstairs bathroom was meant for a child. I really don't understand WHY anyone would layout a bathroom this way. Totally nonfunctional for adults. Here are some reasons why...

(and by the way, I didn't hide any of my junk so you can see how i've been living)

3. NO STORAGE!!!!! 

I would magically balance all my makeup on the tiny little shelf under the mirror, and my toiletries around the sink.. (the only reason they aren't in there for the picture is because I had gone out of town and packed everything up.)

2. Still no storage.
(I'm not sure why the colors are so different from the last picture).

Cleaning supplies on display! And toiletry bags on the floor! 

The toiletry bags actually use to sit in the tub. On top of a cooler. Class class class! 

(to be fair, I had no where else to store the cooler, and it acted like a bench to hold the bags).

I do enjoy blue floor tiles. And I know I should've gotten a bigger cabinet for storage, but I knew I eventually wanted to gut the thing, so why spend the money? And it was an awkward space for something bigger. Would I have put it under the towel rack where there might not have been a lot of space on top or put it to the left of the sink where I would've had to slide next the half wall?

Now for the number one reason why this bathroom is nonfunctional for an adult..

1. A KID'S HEIGHT SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That shower head is even with my boobs. If I stand up in the center of the tub, I have to lean due to the sloping ceiling. I only took 1 shower up here, and I had to squat the whole time.. my legs got a workout. 

Here is a better perspective of the roofline. Look at the nice tall ceiling side with a shelf stuck on it.. such poor, poor planing. And that damn toilet that started THIS renovation..

i hate you, baby tub.

It may be hard to tell from this angle, but NOTHING is lined up. The sink is to the left of the soap dishes are to the left of the mirror is to the left of the light fixture. Do you know how hard it is to look at that?!? Also, it would've been nice to add a bigger mirror, but the stupid soap dish and toothbrush holder were in the way. I liked to use them for my contacts and glasses haha. Anywho, I doubt any child that used this bathroom could see in the mirror.

It looks like the previous owners tried to fix some of the decor by painting the tiles with some white tile paint. Definitely needed a second coat to cover up...

the fish tiles.

more fish tile.

nautical themed shelf.

Definitely a children's bathroom, and a child I am not.

OK well maybe just child height I am not.


My new luxurious bathroom is underway RIGHT NOW! It is looking soooo good.  No tile has been put down yet, but the plumbing has been moved and the duroc (sp?) is ready! 

I'll try to get part 2 with the construction pictures up in the next couple days! 

EEEEE!!!! Can't wait! 

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