Friday, November 2, 2012

new skill!

Guess what I am learning to do everybody?! 



(that's a blow torch noise that I seem to make whenever I tell anyone, even though this isn't a blow torch)


Dear ol' dad is my teacher. Since he has access to welding machines through his business in Dothan and the shop in Opelika, he said I could use them whenever I'm in those places! On this particular day, I was in Opelika and we had pretty much a day-long lesson. He had a bunch of coupons (little metal rectangles seen above) that I practiced on. I learned to tack them together, lay straight lines, make fake rivets (I'm not sure if that's the correct term..), and of course write my name haha! I'll be sure to take more pictures next time!

Dad is suppose to be gathering some metal scraps at his fabricating shop in Dothan, so I'm hoping to actually make a piece of art next time. EEE!

Please ignore the welding helmet hair. Not the overalls, though.. I know you're secretly jealous of those bad boys. 

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