Tuesday, November 27, 2012

road trip!

What up?! 

I am currently blogging to you from a little town in Kansas! I am half way done with a trip across the country with my BFF, Caroline. She is moving to Denver, and I decided to ride with her to keep her company! I'll be flying back to Bham at the end of the week! 


(Before you think I'm being irresponsible, you should know I packed all my string art stuff, and I'll still be working on invitations/graphic design work at night. Caroline also runs her own business as a fashion designer, so she'll be working right next to me with her sewing machine. Business ladies, ftw!)

We left Birmingham on Sunday and stopped in Nashville to stay with some of Caroline's college friends (terribly sorry that I didn't contact more people there, but we were in town late and left super early Monday). Today, we conquered several states: Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, and now Kansas. Don't worry, I have been taking tons of pictures. In fact, I look like an ultra crazy tourist, because I have my nice camera out snapping pics along with my iPhone in the other hand so I can instagram to all you fine people (my username is ilikewhatimherring if you'd like to follow along the journey). 

We stopped in St. Louis for lunch, and we were both SUPER excited to see the arch. We've been calling this our Americana trip and discussing all the cool things we get to see while driving across this beauti-mous nation of ours. I'm not gonna lie, we busted out a great rendition of "This Land Was Made for You and Me" earlier today. Now that we're in Kansas, it's pretty much all Wizard of Oz tunes. I KNOW you're jealous not to be able to hear us in person.. 

We will reach our destination tomorrow, and I cannot WAIT to see the Rocky Mountains!!! EEEE! I'm thinking there will be some downtime once we arrive, so I'll be sure to post more pictures soon! 

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