Monday, October 29, 2012

biggest news ever

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I couldn't decide between being a veterinarian or an artist. I decided I would be a vet that also did art, and I would hang that art in my vet office. Genius, right? 

I loved to draw and paint and doodle and just create stuff in general as I was growing up. I took art lessons after school when I was younger, and continued with them in high school. I was able to design several t-shirts and set designs for dances and pep rallies. 

In college, I naturally decided on a design degree. Right before I graduated, I moved to Birmingham to do an internship at an Interior Design firm. It was around this time I designed an invitation for a friend. Then a coworker got me to do one. Then another friend for a save the date. ADDICTED. I started my little Etsy shop soon after.

After my internship, I couldn't find a job as an interior designer, but I was qualified for the help desk position at an advertising agency (I have a business administration degree in addition to the interior design one). I have learned so much there. From SEO to social media, all of it helped while I slowly grew my little side business. 

Right after I started there, I bought my house and started this bloggie. I became addicted to DIY blogs, and began doing tons of house projects. Some of those turned into pieces I added to my little side business.

Little side business grew into pretty good sized side business. Etsy orders grew, and I decided to do an art show. I was instantly hooked. Someone suggested I get my stuff into some stores, so I did. Doors just kept on opening. It didn't take long before my plate was slam full. All of a sudden, I was doing only two things: going to regular work from 9-5 then coming home and working on art stuff from 5:30 to 2am. Everyday. My weekends were full of doing art as well. I would take stuff with me if I went somewhere, like the lake, to keep up with the orders that were coming in. Pretty soon, I only had time to fill orders. No time to make new things or try new projects. 

Something had to change.

I just told you the story of my life so you would know each little brick that has been placed has created this path that has lead me to



I put my notice in at work! I have tons of stuff setup, like more shows and stores for my art! I can.not.wait. to get started. I am so so so excited!

I know some of you are thinking "is she nuts?!". I probably am, but I figured I'm not married, I don't have kids, and if I don't do this now, I will forever regret it. 

I've been toying with the idea for a while now, and when over a dozen orders came in at once, I had a small meltdown to my mother about how I didn't have time to do everything, and I wanted to go full-time with design work. She said I should wait until the end of the year. I brought up that the holidays were more than likely going to be nuts with orders coming in. She told me to talk to my dad. He has owned several businesses, so he knows a lot about starting up something new. He told me this: 

"When I would start something, sometimes my dad would think it's a good idea, and sometimes he wouldn't. And sometimes it would fail, but he would always let me try. So I say go for it." 

I felt like a huge balloon of pressure had just popped in my chest! I was so relieved!! I told my ma, and she couldn't believe he was all for it. I was so nervous telling work I was going to be leaving, but everyone there has been so supportive. In fact, everyone in general has been supportive! I honestly thought people would give me the ol "are you sure about this?" kind of talk, but it's been the complete opposite and I could not be more thrilled! 

Who gets to be (almost) exactly what they want when they grow up?! 


(minus the whole vet thing.)

Get ready for a lot of new projects and art! I've got some very exciting things coming up! EEE!


  1. You're gonna do so fantastic it's ridiculous.


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  3. Good for you! I get compliments on my Chloe painting all the time. I should probably get you to paint Cody (my other lil pup) before you blow up and become huge and I miss my chance. :)

    1. Thanks, lady! I loved painting Chloe, and will always have time to paint another one of your fur babies!

  4. Way to go Rachel! You only live once right?!?! I am very very excited for you! Congratulations and War Eagle!

  5. Congrats and good luck! I took that leap 2 years ago, and haven't looked back since. My friend Jess Lively has great tips for entrepreneurs, and if you don't already get her e-letters, I bet you could find a lot of inspiration and advice in them!

    1. Thanks Kim! I have been following your journey for a while now, and I hope to have even just a tiny percent of the success you've had! I bookmarked Jess's site, and I'll definitely be signing up for the e-letters. Thank you so much for the tip! :D