Friday, October 5, 2012

dumps like a truck

Time for another string art dump, y'all! I try not to double up so you only see new things. 

Here goes nothin: 

At Artwalk, I made these bitty bamas. I nailed a bunch before I went, and I strung them while I sat there. They were a big hit! 

Here it is next to it's big brother (so you can see the scale). They're about 6.5"x5.5".

I had an Etsy order for Massachusetts. This sucker was a doozie. The foot was quite the challenge, but the end result made it worth it. 

Oh what do we have here?!? A customer that purchased one of the big ol' bama string arts ordered this from me after Artwalk for one of her friends. It is Drenthe, which is a province in Holland. HOW COOL! 

In case you want to see a map: 

This sucker is huge. She wanted it around the same size as the big bama, so I made it 32"x32". 

These next couple were ones I tackled last weekend during the big production push. (HA! That's what we call product release stuff at work.) First up is Indiana. 

Then Chicago, Illinois! I dig it! 

I told y'all last week that this past weekend was going to be project-palooza. I had tons of Etsy orders that needed to be filled!

It's so weird, but they seem to come in twos. Two Auburn's, two Tuscaloosa's, two Texas's, two Colorado's (only one is shown here), and two I states (Illinois and Indiana). Yep, I'm counting I states as a category. I also have two Tennessee's coming up. Weird, eh?! 

It was nice having an off football weekend (for AU) to finish most of the orders. I was happy as a clam watching other teams all day Saturday working on these pieces (along with also working Friday night and all day Sunday). Needless to say, I'll be headed back down to Auburn this weekend for the Arkansas game. I have pre-nailed some boards to take with me, so after our dumb early morning game, I can (hopefully) get some work done! Cross your fingers I actually do this.. the good news is since the nailing is done, I can drink a couple of brewskies while I string 'em! Multitasking, y'all! 

You can see the beginnings of the small breast cancer ribbon ones in the back there, along with more boards to be nailed! 

Shipping 'em out! I love taking them to the post office for some reason. It's almost like releasing doves.. "Go, bring joy to people, little string arts!". It also means I can mark {insert whatever state} off my to-do list, and we ALL know how awesome it feels to whittle the ol' list down.

I was so excited to get these finished! Stress relief! For a little bit anyways..  I have 5 more orders waiting in the wings along with bulking up for the art show! Ultra stress mode will be back in no time! Don't forget, the show is all day (8am-5pm) Saturday Oct. 13 at Ross Bridge in Hoover, y'all! 

I'm so excited! 

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