Wednesday, October 24, 2012

rock the vote

Hey knuckleheads!

I entered an art contest through! It's a store in Auburn (and yes, the store name is in a sweet location right next door to Toomer's Drugs. 

That is prime real estate, y'all. They had a contest where you could enter up to 5 pieces of art in three categories, All Artists All In, Southern by the Grace of Art, and Toomer's Tradition. I submitted several, including the Auburn heart string art, the orange and blue all over string art, the big ol' Alabama string art, barn wood bamas, and the you are beAUtiful print. 

To refresh your memory: 

I Heart Auburn string art

Big ol' Alabama String Art

all over orange and blue string art

barnwood bamas (I couldn't find the original pic.. this one is from my website).

And the ever popular print, you are beAUtiful. 

The winner gets to show their pieces in AuburnArt!!! 

And guess what??!?

YOU CAN HELP ME WIN! Just go like on Facebook! <-- the link will take you there. Then click VOTE HERE to vote! Mine are all on the front page. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You have to like the page to vote! 

There is a share button next to the entries, so I will be sharing them on my Facebook page for easy access for all y'all. Normally I wouldn't be pushing this so hard, but I believe in a spirit that is not afraid (to self promote). HA! That's from the Auburn Creed, for those not in the know. 

So vote now and vote often (YOU CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!). Share with people too! I would just EXPLODE WITH HAPPINESS to win this! Let's be honest, I need to have the excuse to use "winning" and "Auburn" in the same sentence again! THANKS THANKS THANKS in advance to everyone who helps out! 


(^I really make that noise in real life when I'm super excited, btw)