Tuesday, October 4, 2016

november 2015

In November 2015, I was commissioned to do this cutie cute plaid string art!

If you know anything about UT, you know they love their checkerboard pattern! I'm so glad a customer requested this, I think it turned out way better than expected! 

November brought about the Auburn vs Texas A&M game, and of course Binky and I made the trip again with Randy this time!

We went to the brewery where Matt works!

This was the fourth game we've been to with these guys! The first year, we met a group of them in Jordan Hare Stadium, then went out together after the game. They are just so nice!

Blake, me, Matt, Bink, Randy, Nathan

Nathan so nicely put us up for the weekend! We drove all night like we had done two years before. We left on a Thursday night and arrived on Friday morning. Randy and I hilariously drank a couple of forties on our way out of town (I had brought a bunch back from Georgia the week before), and made Binky stop twice within the same hour. Oopsie! 

After we arrived, we went to lunch with some of our buddies, then went back to Nathan's to take much needed naps. That night, we went to the brewery where Matt worked (above), then headed to Northgate (the going out place of College Station). We were here two years before, so kind of remembered the layout, and how could we forget the shot bar...

These shots, y'all. They call them Rebel Yells and they have tabasco in them. I almost vommed at the table. I can barely handle mild wings, much less a shot of tabasco with bourbon in it! 

Gameday ended up being rainy and a bit cold. Sweet Nathan held my bag when I went to the portapotty! haha!

Best buds!

Part of the group on gameday! We had walked away from the tailgate to another, which is why Bink and Randy weren't with us. 

We didn't go to the game like we had two years before. If you can believe it, we WON! It's become a thing that the visitor wins this game. 

Even though that was a great, awesome feeling, I felt TERRIBLE on the drive home. I also had something wrong with one of my eyes, so I couldn't put my contacts in. I ended up driving for a bit towards the end, with one contact in.. eek! 

We stopped in Louisiana to get some gas, and there was a casino in the gas station. We went in for a bit, so of course I had to play this one for Honks (I always call him my little buffalo, and he really dislikes it, so of course I egg it on as much as possible). 

Getting close to Christmas time, I had tons of string art orders come in, and these two just so happened to ship out the week of the Auburn UGA game: 

This is a BIG California, I believe 24x24". I think the bigger they are, the better they look.


Soon enough, it was time for the Georgia game! I had to get a pic of Bink next to the eagle. :) 

Warrrrr eagle!

The "sometimes lucky" sissy selfie. 

We didn't win :( 

And were probably the last to leave haha.

It was a pretty day though!

We headed to Tacorita afterwards and got to use the new coozies we scored before the game. Astroturf!! 

We got to meet up with our cuzzies, Shelley and Terrell.

Walker was there too!

At the lake, we had a delicious meal of bacon wrapped asparagus and a massive steak.

Bo was tired of all the loses. 

It rained so much in Bham that my car started leaking water. It's been leaking water for a while, but it was a ton after raining for several days straight. So she got a nice little poncho to wear for a few days. 

A ton of orders always come in during November. 

I really loved this font of a family's name. 

Another group of pieces out the door!

I've done the Montana state flag several times. It's so detailed! 

Here she is completed!

So many boards!

This sweet beardy came to visit and helped me stain boards out in the leafy yard. Of course cold beverages were a necessity! 

My friend Pitman came through Birmingham, so we got a couple of Dothan friends together for dinner. 

Honks and Randy got some "brotherly" time in.

Honks was able to go to the AU football game vs the Idaho Vandals with me!

There was a flyover! EEE!

They never get old!

So pretty!

Carl and Colby made the game with us as well!

We had to go to Toomer's Corner after the win!

He is so close to being an Auburn fan.. (wishful thinking).

The next week Carl climbed up on the roof to put Christmas lights up! I don't think I got a pic of them lit up..

Sweet Cotton ball.

I got to do this three state string art. 

I really love the colors!

Soon enough it was the end of November, which equals Iron Bowl and Thanksgiving!

And hanging out with my crazy nut of a dad.

Here he is making fun of my boots! RUDE! 

I didn't get any pics of the giant Thanksgiving feast at dad's cousin's house, but it was delicious! Here are some chickens we made for snacking on over the weekend:

Mom and I went back to our respective rooms to head into Auburn for the day, and came out matching haha!

All my string arts hanging out together in Auburn Art!

If you recall, dad had eye surgery and has had trouble seeing, so this is how he watches TV sometimes.. if he's not sitting close, he's using binoculars. No joke.

Finally Iron Bowl time! Bo was at the game, per usual. 

Another fly over! EEE!

Another sissy selfie!

The bands played together for the pregame performance.

We didn't win, but it wasn't a total blowout. I seemed to have not taken more pictures that evening, so this is the last you get to see of football season 2015! 

Almost finished with 2015, which is awesome, because a TON of changes have occurred in 2016 that need to be blogged about!

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