Friday, August 27, 2010

we at the hotel, motel, holiday inn!

We have arrived at the hotel! (We've actually been here two nights..) I still feel like a kid when I have to do adult things, like book a hotel..

Wish I still had my Talkboy lying around so I could pull a Kevin McAlister..

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad to leave the house.. She is like my child, and she's sick, and I feel like I've abandoned her! (More like she has gone into surgery, and it's in the "doctors" hands now..) But the hotel has been great!! Embassy Suites, me likey! Let's list off some of the awesome things:

1. HAPPY HOUR!!!! It's more like a contest of how many drinks we can have in the two hours that it's open in the lobby.. haha. AND it's FREE!!!! (for hotel guests.. you have to have a card.. sorry everyone else!) AND it happens everyday!!!!!!! IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS AFTER WORK!

2. Pool. Who doesn't love to swim??!

2.5 Adult Swim. Who doesn't love to swim with people above 18?!?

3. Clear Elevators. Even though I'm not 6 anymore, I still stand next to the glass and look out to the lobby like I'm on a ride at Disneyworld. I mean, I may just get rid of my stairs and slap one of these in the house while we're doing the renovations..

4. Continental Breakfast. I will rarely get up early for anything, but for this amazingness, I will. (who are we kidding.. I actually didn't get up early, but instead, I was 10 minutes late for work.) So many options!! EGGS! BACON! SAUSAGE! GRITS! OJ! MILK! BACON! CEREAL! FRUIT! BACON! BACON! BACON!

4.5 OMELET BAR! THEY MAKE YOU A MADE-TO-ORDER OMELET!! The only thing better than eggs is eggs with cheese in the middle.. and bacon.

5. Shuttle Bus. Free ride?? Don't mind if I do!!!

6. Clean towels. So fresh and so clean!

The rooms are pretty swanky too. There's two TVs, a sitting room, a balcony, 3 sinks around the room (i dont know why we would need 3 sinks.. but they are there nonetheless), and a table to sit at to bloggy blog to you people! I may just end up missing it here..

Onto the house update. I went by there during lunch yesterday. The pod is in the driveway! It strangely matches the house.. There wasn't enough room in it with all of our stuff, so some of our things will be moved to another storage unit provided by the water restoration people (all the guys together: WOMEN.. big sigh). Yes, we have a lot of stuff.

The air guy was in there putting insulation around the duct work, so we're making progress here people! The water restoration people were out there today, so maybe the ceiling is being put back now? Who knows. I'm going to check it out again tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the water that collected in the plastic wrap.



More updates soon, hopefully with more pictures!

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