Friday, September 3, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's here everyone! Football season is upon us! In a few hours I will be in God's country waiting to see the Tigers play tomorrow. War Eagle! I am a HUGE Auburn fan. The countdown for tomorrow has been going on in my head for months.. Let's make sure we have all the game winning ingredients:

1. Lucky panties: Don't laugh, these babies work.
2. Lucky shaker: I used the same shaker the ENTIRE 2004 season.. she sadly came apart the next season, and had to be retired. Ever since then, a shaker is deemed lucky when we win a game. If we lose, the shaker is tied in a knot and not used.. ever again.
3. Face tat: I LOVE THESE! Mine has to be the classic AU from J&M.. I don't know why.. it just does.
4. Game day dress
5. Get to the game in time to see the VIDEO! This is one of my FAVORITE things, besides the eagle flying. Here are some of my favorites... (insert chill bumps..)

Welcome to the Show! They did this song a couple of years in a row. Quite a pump up.. I have it on my Auburn playlist.

Last year's video. Woo!

And here are random favorites:

listen closely..

the Rain Game. one of the best games I've ever attended. and, yes, I stood in the rain.

OKAY, sorry for anyone who isn't an Aubs.. onto some house updates..

I went by there today to meet another contractor. Sheet rock is back up in the hallway ceiling and they have taken down the molding to replace it! WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS PEOPLE!

I had long discussions with the contractor about the kitchen remodel. First let me say that since I'm a GIRL and I'm YOUNGER than them, all these men think I'm an idiot and think I have to be told something 37 times before I understand. I can grasp what's going on, guys. I took several architecture classes, I understand load bearing walls, I know what studs are, I know about electrical wiring and codes, etc etc etc.. So let me summarize what took them 30 minutes to explain to me: Since there is duct work AND a load bearing wall, my design was not going to work. (sad face) They were going to have to re-route the duct work (cha-ching$$). That's not gonna fly on this little fish's budget. The kitchen/den wall is the load bearing one that also has the duct work at the top, so that's the issue with tearing it down. Instead, the new kitchen design will be more of a cut out in the den/kitchen wall, and dining room/kitchen wall will be cut out to open that room up. I am working on new drawings, so everyone can see! They'll start that on Tuesday, because of course it's a holiday weekend.. Delays are fun, everybody!

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  1. Oh wow... I'm behind. Good luck with the house!

    Also, don't forget the original "Auburn Will Rise" video? The originator of the pregame chill bumps.