Monday, September 27, 2010

have you seen my stapler?


First and formost.. FOOTBALL UPDATE!!:

WE WON!!!  Woop woop! Moved up to number 10, yall! The game was so much fun!! Here are some awesome articles I found today:

and this last one is the best, by far:


Here is my new gameday button! How cute is it?!? It's from Stamp in good ol downtown Auburn. 

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Something other than the house Update: 

My jobby job! I love my job, everyone. I like the people I work with, I like the atmosphere, I like this..

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a kegerator. I made it extra large so you could get a good look. And this aint no natty light keg, yall!!! That's Newcastle sitting there, and we've been known to have Sweetwater 420. DELICIOUS.

I also enjoy this:

The airstream!! 

Isn't it awesome?!? THERE'S A CONFERENCE ROOM IN THERE!! Apparently the building use to be an old auto repair shop, so there were ramps to get the airstream up there. Pretty cool!! Here's another shot:

Nifty, eh?!

There are bleachers right there on the left where we have big company meetings. Also, every month we have birthday day! September was cupcakes.. DELISH. 

Can you see all the natural light in all the pics?! I love natural light. And sunshine. And being outside. SO, imagine my sadness when I found out I was moving from here:

so spacious!

natural light!! 

TO THE BASEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! 

Have you seen my stapler??

Hehehe it really isn't going to be that bad, there just aren't any windows. I have already said that instead of smoke breaks, I will take some sunshine breaks. haha Our company is growing so fast that someone had to move to this room, so my unit decided to go on and move down here.. It's going to be alright, BUT I am sandwiched between two bama fans.. SO I will be accepting donations of Auburn paraphernalia to put on the walls..

(Disclaimer: if someone from work reads this, I really like my job! I just thought the circumstances were funny.. and I maybe taking sunshine breaks, fo real.) 

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