Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're makin' progress!

Hope everyone had a lovely labor day weekend! Mine was awesome. Auburn then the lake. You just can't beat that!

Football recap: Auburn looked pretty good. Our defense can definitely stand to get better, but this was the first game, so we have room to do that. Next gameday is in TWO DAYS! I'm a little nervous for our first SEC game. BUT, our quarterback is pretty awesome. He had 171 rushing yards.. 171 YALL!!!  Offense is going to be our saving grace. Neil Caudle, the third string quarterback, came in for a play and threw a completion for 42 yards! HOW BOUT THEM APPLES?!?! It was beautiful by the way.. I hope I don't jinx our team, but I am very excited for what's to come. We moved up one in the rankings... we are now 21.. Bama didn't even move up.. (ha. ha.) 

glorious view from my seat!

Everyone else in the SEC seems to be doing well for the most part! My condolences to Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.. Florida even moved down in the AP poll. It's gonna be a tough year. I can't wait for conference games to start. There are 7 ranked SEC teams right now.. SEVEN! Don't tell me this isn't the toughest conference.. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

House Update: I went to the house this morning to meet the contractors. From the last bloggy, I was told my design wasn't going to be possible with the duct work and load bearing wall. Here are some drawings of what I WANTED to do on Google SketchUp:

First off, pay no attention to the really tall "pole" on the left. I pulled the wall up too high when I was doing it on SketchUp and didn't fix it, because honestly, I thought no one would see these drawings except myself just so I could get a visual.. of course now everyone has seen them, so I decided to put it on here. I recommend Google SketchUp to EVERYONE! It's FREE! F-R-E-E. Download it. It's really user friendly, and perfect for things like this. Even for smaller projects, like if you want to rearrange furniture, and you want to check if it fits! SO CONVENIENT! You can add colors and even materials, like brick and wood floors (which I did on the second draft). ALSO I only did the half of the kitchen that is being redone, but I added the rest on the second draft as well. 

Here are pictures of what is there now:

See the duct work on the top?? PAIN IN THE PATOOT. AND compromising my design.. haha. The wall with the wood exposed is the load bearing wall, which is why the cut out has to be so small, and why there has to be a "column" on the corner there. Someone suggested a decorative column.. no thank you. My design tastes are more modern and clean cut. Simple lines. Side story: when I was picking out furniture in college, the furniture sales people kept trying to point me to these frilly cut pieces of furniture, with spindles and flowers and curves and a bunch of extra stuff. I would always try to be polite, and be like: noo, I don't think I like the cut outs.. I don't think I like that.. etc etc etc.. My mom finally blurted out: She likes more MASCULINE lines.. thanks mom. (insert red face). That being said, maybe I have more of a dude's taste, but that's ok.. ANYWAY, there will be no decorative columns. everything will be wrapped in sheet rock. Here is the NEW draft of the kitchen:

TAH DAHHHH! I didn't match the colors very well.. They will stay the same, so feel free to scroll up and look at the picture of the actual wall.. the countertops will be white Corian, and the "bar" top will be stainless steel. (I tried to color them correctly on SketchUp, but the shadowing made them both look gray.) The cabinets will all be white. They should be done with the cut outs by the end of the week! We will then get the floors sanded and refinished so we can get back in the house.. THEN the cabinet guy will come and put those in. Beginning stages, everyone.. we're makin progress!! 

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