Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home, no longer Home Suite Home!

Hello All!

It's finally happened! We have moved back in!! Yay!!!!!!! There has been so much stuff going on that I haven't been able to update the ol bloggy blog. So here's a recap:

We got to leave the hotel on Monday morning. I made sure to get up early to get an omelet, because I hadn't had one the ENTIRE TIME we had been there. It was delicious, and I was a little sad it was my first and last omelet.. I have been spoiled with having a fountain drink machine to quench my diet coke addiction every morning. The hotel had tiny plastic cups for the cokes.. and by tiny, I mean shot glass size, not even big enough for a cup of coffee.. so we all tricked them by bring in giant cups from the house. SO SNEAKY! I will miss my morning caffeine dose.. I guess it's back to coffee at work for this girl.

When I checked out, I felt like a celebrity! OOOHHH, you're Ms. Herring?!  Yes, yes I am.  I think we became a bit of a joke in the hotel as the girls that had been there for over three weeks.. I would run into a staff member in the elevator and they would ask how I was enjoying my stay. I would inevitably tell them that we had been there for weeks, but I loved it because of happy hour and the breakfast. I would get: OOOOHH, you're the ones with the house problems?! We're celebrities, yall!

Here are some pictures of the house right before we left the hotel:

After the painting, before the outlets.

Outlets! at night... dum dum DUMMMM!

Creepy chandelier cover.. I got creeped out when I was there alone.

They left the kitchen to paint after the floors were finished so we could go on and get back in the house. HOW SCHWEET!

Another view of the unfinished kitchen.

Floors before the refinishing.

OK. Back to the day we left the hotel.. On my lunch break Monday I went to check on the house. The roomies were already there and were suppose to be directing the movers on where the furniture went. The emptying of the pod was suppose to start at 9:30am. Well has anything gone smoothly this entire time?!? Of course not. Michael had called me earlier and told me they had an emergency job that came up this morning, but they would be there in a couple hours. (The movers are the water/fire restoration people, so understandable). They weren't there yet when I got home at lunch time. This was on the door to greet everyone:

hahahaha The roomies left it up for me to see. STOP! Give your floor time to mature! You definitely don't want to encounter an adolescent floor.. trust me. They looked glorious by the way..

so shiny!!

Look how the sweet roomies got the rug out and vacuumed to be ready for the furniture! I took pictures and got ready to go back to work. I checked my phone. Text from Michael: Hey rachel, we are still at this job. Can we move you back in tomorrow?  WHAT?!?!? EXCUSE ME?!?!? At this point, Andrea has already gone to get her dogs from the kennel. I was SUPER MAD, to say the least. I don't usually get sassy with these workers, but my blood was boiling. I called him immediately..

Michael: Hey rachel.
Me: HEY.  (<-- that was short and snappy. and a few octaves louder than I usually talk)
Michael: Are you mad at me?
Me: Uhhh, WELL YEAH.
Michael: Well we're just still out at this job..
Michael: Ok, ok. We gotta stop by the office, but we'll come out there.

Thank the lord. I was going to be welding a hole in the pod to get some beds out had he not agreed to come on. I went back to work, and they didn't show up until 3:30. He was only going to unload beds, but my equally snappy roommate told him that all 4 of us had been in one room for 3 1/2 weeks, and he could just go on and unload the whole pod. And unload they did!

After work, I got to go pick up the pups!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOO EXCITED!! I thought Diesel would be sooo excited and do a little tap dance (that's what he does...) Nope. He was MAD. He wouldn't even look at me at the vet's office!!! Cotton, on the other hand, gave me sweet kisses and sat right next to me while I finished paying. Such a schweet girl.. Diesel wouldn't even listen to me when we got back home! He eventually got over it, and now he won't leave my side.

This was in the car on the way home! (not the best pic.. See how diesel wouldn't look at me?! He wouldn't even come close for the picture!!)

We discovered that night that our TV wasn't working. We called and got an appointment for a DirecTV guy to come out on Wednesday. EEK! And it's premier week on TV!!!! Oh well..

Tuesday morning, the painter comes out and finished up painting the kitchen. She looks glorious! FINALLY I can have a home cooked meal. That night, I pushed the stove back far enough to where I could plug it in. I made steak and asparagus... YUMMMM. I wish I would've taken a picture, because it was a glorious sight to behold, especially after having fast food for a long time.  After my meal, I went about figuring out how to get the internet back up and running. Of course, this didn't work either.. hence why the bloggy hasn't been updated in a while. Luckily enough, the AT&T guy could come on Wednesday as well! Here's the kitchen painted:

They touched up the cracks in the boards around the whole room! How nice! My dad gave me this thermometer..(I think he only parted with it because it is broken..) I think it's just the neatest thing!

Everything was up and running by noon on Wednesday. Back in business people! I had a busy rest of the week, so sorry, my little bloggy frogs (HA!), who have been trying to see an update. 

I have to send in the receipts for the hotel and dog boarding to the insurance guy so I can get reimbursed.. I call him. He is out of the office until Monday. OF COURSE HE IS!! I called the number he left for his supervisor.. she has yet to call me back, and I left a message a couple of days ago. Oh well. At least we are back in the house.

Next week, the final phase begins: the cabinets are being installed. It turns out the cabinet guy is able to make custom cabinets to match the existing! How exciting! This means less will have to be torn out, since the small area that is being redone can be matched to the existing.

cabinets on the other side of the kitchen

This "desk" area is what is going to be replaced. It will be raised to be level with the regular countertop height, and doors and another drawer will be added. The cabinet guy took one drawer to match it. He also took some of the wood that was cut out of the kitchen wall to make the new doors. HOW GREEN!!

The cabinets will be replaced, then they will do a template of the countertop to ensure one more time of the measurements, and that the top is level. THEN they order the countertop and it will take 3 or so days to get here. Installation after that. I've also got to get the stainless steel bar tops that my dad is cutting for me in Dothan.. Hopefully someone can bring those up here and get them installed (hint, hint dad!).


Football Update: We squeeked by Clemson. Another nailbiter. I have no fingernails left. This game was the True Blue game.. or Blue Out.. whichever you want to call it, the fans were supposed to wear blue! Bonus: they gave the student section NAVY SHAKERS!!!! I WAS SOO JEALOUS!!!!! Here is an awesome video:

You can hear a guy go: Blue! Come on!!! Because there was a big rumor we were going to wear all blue uniforms and blue helmets.. Then Chizik said we would be wearing our normal uniforms, but nothing about the helmets. THEN this little gem surfaced:

What a tease!!!!!

It doesn't look photoshopped to me, but who knows. Nevertheless, they didn't wear them. Maybe these babies will come out later in the season. Saturday at 6:45 we are playing South Carolina in the glorious Jordan Hare stadium. They are currently ranked number 12 while we are sittin pretty at 17. I am super nervous.. but this gives me hope and makes me smile:


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