Monday, September 13, 2010

there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

There's a light at the end of the tunnel everyone! Here is some of the progression through pictures. I made the pictures extra large so you can see them better..

The first cut is the deepest! Haha (sorry for the lame reference to Sheryl Crow..) The wires hanging down were from an outlet that was in the bottom of the wall. Unfortunately, a plate has to be put on top of them in the most awkward place high up on the wall.. You can see the header board, which was why the opening was smaller than I wanted it would be. To the left, they removed the door frame and the "window" cut out that looked from the kitchen to the dining room. There is also a header board placed above that opening as well. 

View from inside the kitchen. There's Alan, the contractor, there on the left. You can see where the stove is pushed out from the wall. The unpainted wood area up top is where the old cabinets were torn out, so that will be repainted with the red that you see there. 

Patching up the holes. They do a lot in a day! The sheetrock has been put up to cover the holes. You can see the metal around the frame on the left side. Alan was covering all that with mud when I got there (you can see where he finished the section on the right).

Full view of everything again. You can tell in this one where they have cut out a hole and dropped a light switch on the dining room wall.

Everything has been mudded on this day. The dining room hole had been patched as well, and everything was drying. Looking good, I think! 

When I went by there today, Alan was putting up the door casings around the bedroom doors that had been damaged. Tomorrow, the painting starts! Light at the end of the tunnel, yall! There is A LOT of painting to be done: the dining room, the den, the kitchen, the hallway, the door casings and the ceilings in the dining room and den. They tell me this will only take a couple of days, which hopefully means the flooring people will come in on Thursday or Friday. The floors will take a day or so to sand and finish, and then a couple more days to dry, AND THEN, ladies and gentlemen, we will get to move back in! 

The hotel is still going good! The staff knows us by now. I've made buddies with some of the front desk people, the valet guy, a room service man, little moe with the gimpy leg...

Man, I love a good Home Alone reference!! I tried to find a clip of Tim Curry saying: Here's your complimentary CHEESE PEET-ZAH!  (in his lovely British voice.. but sadly I couldn't find a clip..) However, we do get lovely pizza here, not complimentary and with pepperonis.. yummy!

room service, for the win! 

Hopefully just one more week! Small football update: Auburn beat Miss. State in quite the nail biter of a game.. Clemson this weekend at home! A glorious night game at that! WDE.

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  1. AND most importantly GAMEDAY is coming!!!

    House is looking great btw!