Tuesday, December 4, 2012

possum blogs!

Hey guythz, ithz me, Possum! I'm takin over the blog on accounta my adventures the past few weeks. First, my mama went out of town, so my awesomely awesome auntie Rachel took care of me for a few dayz. I gotz to go to Birmingham! 

I taught my cousins some bad tricks, like gettin on the couch. 

Whut? I do it all the timez at home.

I gotz a little sad away from mah ma, but as soon as I got back to Auburn, 



I gotz to wear a sombrero and everything! I also gotz all. the. treats. Everyone brought me a present. It was GREAT! 

My cousins came to visit, but Diesel was a party pooper. Cotton put on sum bunny ears, but I really didn't care, so long as she didn't touch mah treats.  

Mah ma likes to pick me up and swing me around. Good thing I could still hold onto mah treat. 


Mah ma is crazy. 

Helpz me, auntie Rachel! 


We tried to take a Payne St. Christmas card picture with me, mah ma, her roomies Tom and Caroline, and Caroline's baby, Shelley. She's a hermit crab. 

Just like mah ma, I hatez takin Christmas cards, so of coursth I was being difficult. And Shelley pushed Tom over.

I would've cooperated for some treatz. Mmmmm, treatzzzzz...

Nom nom nom!

Do you think the madness stopped there? NO! Thanksgivingz was next! 

Gimme dat turkey. 


Whut do wez have here?

Look at dat turkey frying those turkeys. 

Mah ma cut the delicious fried human treat.

Do you think she shared any wif me? No.


My cousins came too, but they don't like to come inside. 

I don't know why.. there are so many delicious smells! 

Maybe it's because theys don't blend in as well as I do..

Anyone wanna drop a pup a treat?

I eventually got some asparaguz. 

I played with mah grampz at night. 

He's not so scary. 

I've tried to tell that to Cotton, but she still won't get anywherez close to him. She's looking for him here..

I was pooped after all that, so I excused myselfz to gets in the bed. 

The next day was more fun wif grampz! 

I did not like dat gator hat. 

I also didn't enjoyz mah mom not sharing wif me. 

But she made up for it wif some snugglez! 

I can'ts wait for the next adventure! 

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