Tuesday, June 11, 2013

double pup!

I mentioned on the ol' Facebook page the other day that I was working on a pet painting, and it was for some friends that were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary! Sweet Haley contacted me after seeing some of the other ones I had done on my website. She and her hubs Archie have two pup pups, a Boston and a Boxer. Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, this was a perfect gift! 

This was my first time doing 2 pups on one canvas. As usual, I got Haley to send several shots of the pups. 

And here is the painting! 

I ended up merging the top and middle pictures.

The canvas is 16"x20" (here's my feet for scale haha)

Just like when I painted the sweet weimaraner, I was a bit nervous since I hadn't met these pups in real life, but Haley said she loved it and it looked just like them! Success! 

If you are interested in a pet painting, just shoot me an email! 

Did you see the picture I posted on instagram (follow me at ilikewhatimherring) involving a long overdue DIY project?!? EEEE! I'll try to get a post together about it tomorrow! 

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