Friday, June 21, 2013

two state string art

Hello! If you're following along on instagram or Facebook, then you've seen the new product I just finished! 


I've named it Two State One Heart String Art on Etsy. This one shows the heart over Houston, TX and Birmingham, AL. 

I loved how it looked with just the nails..

Then I strung her up and liked her even more!

It's 18" x 18" and is selling for $180. Why so much more than the normal string art, you ask? This board is bigger than my usual boards (which are 12" square or 11x14") therefore the states are bigger/take a lot more time/use more materials.

I could do a 12"x12" one for $120! 

Here's a scale shot with my wide ass, Fred Flintstone feet (my mom says my wide and flat feet look like i've been driving a car around with them like Fred. I think it's bc I didn't wear shoes around when I was little). 

And a pup pup shot! 

What I didn't show you the other day was that I personalized this piece. 

The wife in this family is from Houston, TX and they all now live in Birmingham. 

I can personalize yours (or any other piece in the shop) for just a few dollars more! 

If you're interested in this piece, I just listed it on Etsy. CLICK HERE to go to the listing! 

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