Tuesday, July 2, 2013

surprise party invite

Hello! I didn't post last week because I was busy planning/decorating/running around like a chicken with my head cut off for my mom's 60th birthday surprise party! WOOWOO! 

Since last year, she has been telling me to plan something. I decided to get people together at our farmhouse in Dothan, which we call Tootie Greens. 

Since I had free range on the design, I did my favorite thing: awesome typography. I didn't line it up like I usually do (in a block), but I dig it! 

I went with mint because A. I love it and B. I figured some shade of green would do best with Tootie Greens.

I used this Dr. Pepper cooler as a prop at the party. It matches the invite better in real life haha! 

Since I was in charge of the invites, I also got to address the envelopes. I just had to add some fun lettering to go with the invite, now didn't I? 

I loved doing it, so now I'm looking for excuses to get to address envelopes.. lookout, class reunion! (I'm helping to plan my 10 year class reunion this year, and naturally I volunteered to do the invites).  

If you need a custom invitation, just let me know! You can email me here: rachel@herringdesignco.com

I have tons of hilarious pictures from the party that I need to post, along with the wedding from last weekend! I'll try to get those out this week, however there were over 800 pics from both weekends, so I make no promises.. SO MANY ACTIVITIES! 

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